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National flag

Flag Duration Use Description
Flag of Singapore.svg 1959-1963, 1965 – Flag of Singapore A horizontal bicolor of red over white, charged in white in the canton with a crescent facing, towards the fly, a pentagon of five stars.
Civil Ensign of Singapore.svg 1966 – Civil ensign Used by Singapore-registered civilian ships. Referred to in law as the Red Ensign.


Flag Duration Use Description
Standard of the President of Singapore.svg 1960 – Presidential standard Used to denote the presence of the President of Singapore while in the country.
Government Ensign of Singapore.svg 1960 – Government ensign Used by non-military, government vessels.


Flag Duration Use Description
Link to image 1965 – Flag of the Singapore Armed Forces
Link to image 1965 – Service Flag of the Singapore Army
Link to image 1965 – Service Flag of the Republic of Singapore Air Force
Naval Ensign of Singapore.svg 1967 – Naval ensign Used by military ships owned by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).
Commissioning Pennant of Singapore.svg 1965 – Commissioning pennant Used on warships currently commissioned by the RSN. The length of the pennant depends on how long the ship has been commissioned. The design features the crescent and five stars, similar to the other flags of Singapore.[1]


Flag Duration Use Description
Malaysia Preventive Service flag.svg 1929– Malaysia Preventive Service flag To be used by Malaysian owned ships when operating in Singaporean waters


Flag Duration Use Description
Flag of the British Straits Settlements (1874-1925).svg 1874–1942 Straits Settlements Adopted when Singapore was joined with Malacca and Penang as a single Crown colony.
Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg 1942–1945 Flag of Japan Used during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. The actual flag is still used in Japan as the national flag (officially since 1999 after some modifications).
Flag of Singapore (1946-1959).svg 1946–1959 Crown colony of Singapore Adopted when Singapore became a Crown colony on its own following the dissolution of the Crown colony of the Straits Settlements.
Flag of Malaysia.svg 1963–1965 Flag of Malaysia Used in Singapore during the Union with Malaysia. Still the current flag of Malaysia.

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