List of United States Navy aircraft wings

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This is a list of United States Navy aircraft wings. It covers both Carrier air wings and land-based wings. Since air groups in the United States Navy were all redesignated as wings, it also covers groups.

Carrier Air Wings

Carrier Air Wings of the United States Navy (since 1963)
Wing Tail Code Established Notes
Carrier Air Wing One CVW-1 AB 1 July 1938
Carrier Air Wing Two CVW-2 NE 1 May 1945
Carrier Air Wing Three CVW-3 AC 1 July 1938
Readiness Carrier Air Wing Four RCVW-4 AD 1 September 1950 disestablished 1 July 1970; tail code now used by Atlantic Fleet training squadrons
Carrier Air Wing Five CVW-5 NF 15 February 1943
Carrier Air Wing Six CVW-6 AE 1 January 1943
Carrier Air Wing Seven CVW-7 AG 20 July 1943
Carrier Air Wing Eight CVW-8 AJ 9 April 1951
Carrier Air Wing Nine CVW-9 NG 26 March 1952
Carrier Air Wing Ten CVW-10 AK 1 May 1952 first establishment; disestablished 20 November 1969
Carrier Air Wing Ten CVW-10 NM 1 November 1986 second establishment; disestablished 30 September 1988; planned for assignment to USS Independence (CV-62) but not deployed
Carrier Air Wing Eleven CVW-11 NH 10 October 1942
Readiness Carrier Air Wing Twelve RCVW-12 NJ 1 August 1950 disestablished 1 June 1970; tail code still used by Pacific Fleet training squadrons
Carrier Air Wing Thirteen CVW-13 AK 1 March 1984 disestablished 1 January 1991[1]
Carrier Air Wing Fourteen CVW-14 NK 1 August 1950 disestablished 2013
Carrier Air Wing Fifteen CVW-15 NL 5 April 1951 disestablished 31 March 1995
Carrier Air Wing Sixteen CVW-16 AH 1 September 1960 disestablished 30 June 1971
Carrier Air Wing Seventeen CVW-17 NA 1 November 1966
Carrier Air Wing Nineteen CVW-19 NM 15 August 1943 disestablished 30 June 1977
Carrier Air Wing Twenty One CVW-21 NP 1 July 1955 disestablished 12 December 1975[1]
Bold-face name indicates active units.
Tail codes with a first letter "A" are affiliated with the Atlantic Fleet, while "N" denotes Pacific Fleet affiliation.

Reserve Carrier Air Wings

Carrier Air Groups

Attack Carrier Air Groups

Light Carrier Air Groups

Battle Carrier Air Groups

Escort Carrier Air Groups

Night Carrier Air Groups

Night Light Carrier Air Groups

Night Escort Carrier Air Group

Ship-Named Air Groups

Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups

Reserve Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups

Patrol Wings

See PatWing

Fleet Air Wings

Patrol and Reconnaissance Wings

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