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The following is a chronological list of noteworthy anarchist periodicals.

Dates of publication Title Format Language Base
1833 The Peaceful Revolutionist Monthly newspaper English Cincinnati, Ohio (US)
The Word Magazine English Princeton, Cambridge (US)
1879 El Descamisado[1] Newspaper Spanish Buenos Aires, Argentina
1879–1910 Freiheit Newspaper German London (UK), New York City, (US)
1879–1885 Le Révolté Newspaper French Geneva (Switzerland)
1881–1908 Liberty Biweekly newspaper English Boston, Massachusetts (US)
1883–1907 Lucifer the Lightbearer Weekly newspaper English Valley Falls, Kansas and Chicago, Illinois (US)
1884–1888? The Alarm Weekly newspaper English Chicago (US)
1886–present Freedom Biweekly tabloid English London (UK)
1890–1977 Fraye Arbeter Shtime Tabloid Yiddish United States
1891–1894 L'EnDehors Newspaper French Paris (France)
Arbeter Fraynd Newspaper Yiddish London (UK)
1893 El Oprimido[3] Newspaper Spanish Valparaiso (Chile)
1895, May 4 - 1914, August 1[4]


Les Temps Nouveaux, Periodical of the French Anarchists Weekly Newspaper French Paris (France)
1895–1904 The Firebrand, 1895–1897

Free Society, 1897–1904[5]

Newspaper English Portland, Oregon ('95-'97), San Francisco, California ('97-'01), Chicago, Illinois ('01-'04) (US)[6]
1896–1897 La Voz de la Mujer[7][8] Newspaper Spanish Rosario (Argentina)
1896–1932 Der Eigene Journal German Berlin (Germany)
1898–present Brand Magazine Swedish Stockholm (Sweden)
La Revista Blanca Magazine Spanish Madrid and Barcelona (Spain)
1900–?? Regeneración Newspaper Spanish Mexico and United States
1905–1914 L'Anarchie Journal French Paris (France)
Germinal Journal Yiddish London (UK)
1903–1918 Cronaca Sovversiva Newspaper Italian New Jersey (US)
1907–1910 Xin Shiji (新世纪 = New Era, Nouveau Siècle), periodical of the Chinese abroad students in France Monthly Newspaper Chinese Paris (France)
1906–1917 Mother Earth Monthly magazine English United States
1907–present Solidaridad Obrera Weekly newspaper Spanish Spain
1907–1932 Die Aktion Weekly periodical German Germany
1911–1923 Bluestockings Journal Magazine Japanese Japan
1911–1919 Golos Truda Monthly, weekly, later daily newspaper Russian New York, Petrograd, Moscow
1916–1917 The Blast Biweekly magazine English San Francisco, California (US)
Umanità Nova Weekly newspaper Italian Italy
1922–1939 L'EnDehors Newspaper French Paris (France)
1923–1928 De Moker Magazine Dutch Netherlands
1927–1931 Road to Freedom Newspaper English New York City, New York (US)
1929–1937 Iniciales Magazine Spanish Barcelona and Valencia (Spain)
1932–1939 Vanguard Monthly journal English New York City, New York (US)
1937–1940 Jingzhe (Chengdu) Newspaper Chinese Chengdu
1945–1956 L'Unique Journal French France
1960–1992 Solidarity Magazine English London (UK)
1961–1994 Our Generation Biannual newspaper English Montreal (Canada)
1965–1968 Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought Journal English United States
1966–1968 Black Mask Journal English New York City, New York (US)
1965–present Fifth Estate Tri-yearly magazine English Detroit, Michigan (US)
1969–1984 The Libertarian Forum Journal English United States
1969–present The Match! Irregular magazine English Tucson, Arizona (US)
1970–present Black Flag Annual newspaper English United Kingdom
1970-present Gateavisa Newspaper Norwegian Oslo (Norway)
1975–1980 Libero International Newspaper English Kobe (Japan)
1980–present Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed[9] Quarterly magazine English Berkeley, California, originally Columbia, Missouri (US)
1981–1997 Ideas and Action Magazine English United States
1981-present Social Anarchism Irregular journal English Baltimore, Maryland (US)
1982–present Rebel Worker Bi-monthly magazine English Sydney, Australia
1983–present Class War Newspaper English London (UK)
1984–present Green Anarchist Magazine English United Kingdom
1985–present El Libertario Newspaper Spanish Buenos Aires City (Argentina)
1986–present Anarcho-Syndicalist Review Quarterly English United States
1988 The Arousal Newsletter English Pakistan
1988–present Slingshot! Quarterly newspaper English Berkeley, California (US)
1988–present Organise! Biannual magazine English Great Britain and Ireland
1989–present Profane Existence Irregular zine English Minneapolis, Minnesota (US)
1990–1996 Love and Rage/Amor y Rabia Newspaper English and Spanish (US)
1993–present Anarchist Studies Biannual magazine English London, UK
1994–2014 SchNEWS Weekly A4 sheets English Brighton (UK)
1995–present El Libertario Newspaper Spanish Caracas (Venezuela)
1996–2010 Direct Action Quarterly magazine English Manchester (UK)
1996–present Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Biannual magazine English Washington, DC (US)
1998–present resistance Monthly bulletin English London (UK)
2000–2008 Green Anarchy Quarterly magazine English Eugene, Oregon (US)
2001–present Abolishing the Borders from Below Irregular magazine English Berlin, (Germany)
2005–present Rolling Thunder Biannual magazine English United States
2007–present Voices of Resistance from Occupied London Quarterly journal English United Kingdom
2011–present Tides of Flame Fortnightly newspaper English Seattle


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