List of flags by color combination

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These are flags listed by country flag color.




Yellow and black


Yellow, black and white


Yellow and white



Purple and white


Purple, white and yellow


Purple and yellow



Orange and white


Orange, yellow and white




Blue and white


Blue, white and orange


Blue, white and black


Blue and yellow


Blue, yellow and white


Blue, yellow and black


Blue, yellow, white and black


Blue, yellow and gray


Blue, yellow, white and gray


Blue and red

  •  Belize – with other color symbol
  •  Haiti – with other color symbol

Blue, red and white


Blue, red, white and black


Blue, red, white and orange


Blue, red and orange


Blue, red and yellow


Blue, red, yellow and black


Blue, red, yellow, brown and green

  •  Veneto, Italy (other colors are present on the province coat of arms featured on the flag tails)

Blue, red, yellow and white


Blue, red, yellow, white and black



Red and black


Red and white


Red, white and black


Red, white and green


Red and yellow


Red, yellow and black


Red, yellow and white


Red, yellow, white and black


Red, yellow, white, black and gray


Red and green


Red, green and black


Red, green, black and orange


Red, green, black and white


Red, green and yellow


Red, green, yellow and black


Red, green, yellow and orange


Red, green, yellow and white


Red, green, yellow, white and black


Red, green, yellow, white, black, brown and purple




Green and white


Green, white and orange


Green and yellow


Green, yellow and black


Green, yellow and brown


Green, yellow and white

  •  Cyprus
  •  Macau (Chinese special administrative region)


Black and white


Blue and green

Blue, green and white


Blue, green, white and black


Blue, orange, white and green


Blue, green and yellow


Blue, green, yellow and black


Blue, green, yellow and white


Blue, green and red

Blue, green, red and white


Blue, green, red and yellow


Blue, green, red, yellow, black and brown


Blue, green, red, yellow and white


Blue, green, red, yellow, white and black


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