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There are several future lunar missions scheduled or proposed by various nations or organisations.

Under development

Country Name Launch due Nature of mission
(Private) GLXP Astrobotic Technology 2016[1] landing and roving
(Private) GLXP Moon Express 2017[2] mining
(Private) GLXP SpaceIL 2017[3] landing and roving
 Russia Luna 25 2024[4][5] planning the creation of a lunar base
 China Chang'e 4 "Before 2020"[6] landing and roving
 India Chandrayaan-2 2017[7][8] landing, roving, sample analyzing
 China Chang'e 5 2017[9] sample return
 USA Lunar Flashlight 2018[10] searching for water ice deposits
 Russia Luna 27 2020[11][12] planning the creation of a lunar base
 USA ILN Node 1 2018[13] first node of a lunar network
 Japan SLIM[14] 2019[15] pinpoint landing, roving[16][17]
 China Chang'e 6 2020[18] sample return


Space probe missions

The following robotic space probe missions have been proposed:

Country Name Launch due
(Private) Google Lunar X Prize Some missions in 2015
 Japan SELENE-2[19] 2017[20]
 USA International Lunar Network[13] 2018[21]
 Russia Luna-Glob 2020 and 2021
 South Korea Moon orbiter and lander[22][23] 2020+
 North Korea Moon mission[24] Unknown
(Private) OpenLuna 2020+
 UK Lunar Mission One[25] 2024[26]

Manned missions

Country Name Proposed
launch date
Nature of proposed mission
(Private) DSE-Alpha 2018[27] Mission to transport the first space tourists to fly around the Moon using Soyuz; proposed by Space Adventures (2005).[28][29][30]
 Japan JAXA 2020[31] Manned moon landing; proposed by JAXA.[31]
 USA EM-2 2023[32] Manned test of Orion spacecraft in Lunar orbit
 Europe Aurora programme[33] 2024+ Manned moon landing; proposed by ESA.[34]
 Russia Luna-Glob 2028[35] Manned lunar orbiter; proposed by Roscosmos[35]
 China CLEP 2025-2030[36] Manned moon landing; proposed by CNSA.[37][38]
 Japan JAXA 2030[31] Completion of manned lunar base; proposed by JAXA[31]
 Russia Luna-Glob 2030[35] Manned lunar landing; proposed by Roscosmos[35]
 Russia Lunnyj Poligon 2037 Completion of robotic lunar base; proposed by Roscosmos

NB. Launch dates are aspirational and may change drastically as the planning and preparation progresses.

Cancelled or indefinitely postponed

Country Name Launch due
 Japan Lunar-A 2004 Integrated into Russia's Luna-Glob 1 mission[39]
 Germany LEO 2012 Mission postponed indefinitely due to budgetary constraints[40]
 UK MoonLITE[41][42] 2014
 USA Constellation program 2020 Mission cancelled by Congress[43]
 Europe Lunar Lander[44][45] 2018 Cancelled in 2012
 USA MoonRise[46] 2018 Not funded by NASA in 2011 funding competition

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