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Main European drainage divides (red lines) separating catchments (grey regions)

These are the main rivers in Europe (ecologically, the extreme west of the Palearctic ecozone - which includes Russia in the east). See each article for their tributaries, drainage areas, etc. For clarity, only rivers longer than 100 kilometres (or very significant in another way) are shown in this list. Shorter rivers can be found in the lists by country.

Longest rivers

Rivers over 200 km:

River km mi Draining into
(tributary of)
Volga 3,692 2,294 Caspian Sea[1]
Danube 2,860 1,780 Black Sea
Ural 2,428 1,509 Caspian Sea
Dnieper 2,290 1,420 Black Sea
Don 1,950 1,210 Sea of Azov
Pechora 1,809 1,124 Barents Sea
Kama 1,805 1,221 Caspian Sea (Volga)
Northern DvinaVychegda 1,774 1,102 White Sea
Oka 1,500 932 Caspian Sea (Volga)
Belaya 1,430 889 Caspian Sea (Kama)
Dniester 1,362 846 Black Sea
Rhine 1,236 768 North Sea
Elbe 1,091 678 North Sea
Donets 1,050 653 Black Sea (Don)
Vistula 1,047 651 Baltic Sea
Tagus 1,038 645 Atlantic Ocean
Daugava 1,020 630 Baltic Sea
Loire 1,013 629 Atlantic Ocean
Tisza 976 610 Black Sea (Danube)
Prut 953 592 Black Sea (Danube)
Sava 940 586 Black Sea (Danube)
Neman 937 582 Baltic Sea
Meuse 925 575 North Sea
Ebro 910 570 Mediterranean
Douro 897 557 Atlantic Ocean
Kuban 870 540 Sea of Azov
Mezen 857 533 Barents Sea
Oder 854 531 Baltic Sea
Rhône 813 505 Mediterranean
Mureș 761 473 Black Sea (Tisza — Danube)
Seine 776 482 Atlantic Ocean
Göta älv-Klarälven 750 466 Kattegat
Drava 749 465 Black Sea (Danube)
Guadiana 742 461 Atlantic Ocean
Siret 706 439 Black Sea (Danube)
Po 682 424 Adriatic Sea
Guadalquivir 657 408 Atlantic Ocean
Glomma 621 386 North sea
Olt 615 382 Black Sea (Danube)
NevaSvirSuna 578 361 Baltic Sea
Moselle 545 338 North Sea (Rhine)
Torne 522 324 Baltic Sea
Dal River 520 323 Baltic Sea
Maritsa/Evros 480 298 Aegean Sea
Mur 480 298 Black Sea (Danube) (Drava)
Lule River 460 286 Baltic
Ume River 460 286 Baltic
Ångerman River 460 286 Baltic
Kalix River 450 280 Baltic
Ljusnan 440 273 Baltic
Indal River 430 267 Baltic
Ialomița 417 259 Black Sea (Danube)
Struma 415 258 Aegean Sea
Adige 410 255 Adriatic Sea
Skellefte River 410 255 Baltic
Tiber 406 254 Mediterranean
Váh 406 252 Black Sea (Danube)
Pite River 400 249 Baltic
Vardar 388 241 Aegean Sea
Someș 388 241 Black Sea (Danube) (Tisa)
Iskar 368 228 Black Sea (Danube)
River Shannon 361 224 Atlantic Ocean
River Severn 354 220 Atlantic Ocean
Argeș 350 217 Black Sea (Danube)
Tundzha 350 217 Aegean Sea (Maritsa)
Thames 346 215 North Sea
Drina 346 215 Black Sea (Danube) (Sava)
Jiu 339 211 Black Sea (Danube)
Timiș 339 211 Black Sea (Danube)
Drin 335 208 Adriatic Sea
Haliacmon 322 200 Aegean Sea
Ljungan 322 200 Baltic
West Morava/(Zapadna Morava) 308 191 Black Sea (Danube) (Great Morava)
Buzău 302 188 Black Sea (Danube) (Siret)
Kupa 297 185 Black Sea (Danube) (Sava)
South Morava/(Južna Morava) 295 183 Black Sea (Danube) (Great Morava)
Dâmbovița 286 178 Black Sea (Danube) (Argeș)
Yantra 285 177 Black Sea (Danube)
Bistrița 283 176 Black Sea (Danube) (Siret)
Jijia 275 171 Black Sea (Danube) (Prut)
Vjosë/Aoos 272 169 Adriatic Sea
Bosna 271 168 Black Sea (Danube) (Sava)
Bega 256 159 Black Sea (Danube) (Tisa)
Kamchiya 245 152 Black Sea
Lagan 244 152 Kattegat
Arno 241 150 Ligurian Sea
Ätran 240 149 Kattegat
Vrbas 235 146 Black Sea (Danube) (Sava)
Mondego 234 145 Atlantic Ocean
Neretva 230 143 Adriatic Sea
Nestos 230 143 Aegean Sea
Vedea 224 139 Black Sea (Danube)
Achelous 220 137 Ionian Sea
Pineios 216 134 Aegean Sea
Crna 207 129 Aegean Sea (Vardar)
Nissan 200 124 Kattegat

In the list below, the European rivers are grouped by the sea or ocean into which they flow. They are sorted along the coastline of the seas and oceans. Rivers that flow into other rivers are sorted in orographic order, i.e., by the proximity of their points of confluence to the sea.

Note for additions: please remember to add the city where the river meets for each river.

Barents Sea and White Sea (Arctic Ocean)

The rivers in this section are sorted east (Novaya Zemlya) to west (North Cape, Norway).

In Russia:

In Norway:

Atlantic Ocean

On Iceland

The river Þjórsá with the glaciers Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull

Norwegian coast

In Norway:

Irish coast

In Northern Ireland:

In the Republic of Ireland (including Celtic Sea):

British coast

The Bristol Channel:

French, Spanish and Portuguese coast

The rivers in this section are sorted north (Brest) to south (Tarifa).

In France:

The Loire in Orléans.
The Garonne in Toulouse.
The Pas in Cantabria, Spain.

In Spain:

In Portugal:

In Spain:

Baltic Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted clockwise, starting from Helsingborg (south Sweden).

In Sweden

Dal River (Swedish: Dalälven) in Sweden

In Finland

Aurajoki flowing past Turku cathedral

In Russia

In Estonia

Narva River as it flows between Ivangorod in Russia and Narva in Estonia

In Latvia

Lielupe River as it flows past Jelgava Palace

In Lithuania

In Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast)

In Poland

The Vistula in Płock

In Germany

The Trave in Lübeck

Black Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted west (Istanbul) to east (Sochi).

In Bulgaria

In Romania

In Ukraine

Dniester river near Ţipova in Moldova

In Russia

Caspian Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted west to north-east.

In Russia

Volga in Yaroslavl (autumn morning)

In Kazakhstan

English Channel

North coast

The rivers in this section are sorted west (Lizard Point, Cornwall) to east (Ramsgate).

In Britain:

South coast

The rivers in this section are sorted east (Calais) to west (Brest).

In France:

Irish Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted clockwise, starting from the (Mull of Kintyre).

In Britain:

In Ireland:


Western Mediterranean

This section includes the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The rivers are sorted from west (Tarifa) to east (Reggio Calabria).

In Spain:

In France:

In Italy:

Adriatic Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted clockwise, from Otranto, southern Italy, to Vlorë in southern Albania.

In Italy:

The Adige in Verona

In Croatia:

In Bosnia and Herzegovina:

In Montenegro:

In Albania:

Ionian Sea

West coast

The rivers in this section are sorted south-west to north-east from Reggio Calabria to Otranto.

In Italy:

East coast

The rivers in this section are sorted north-west to south-east from Vlorë to Cape Malea.

In Greece

Aegean Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted west (Cape Malea) to east (Istanbul).

In Greece

In Turkey:

North Sea

The rivers in this section are given clockwise along the North Sea coast, starting from Bergen, Norway.

In Norway

In Sweden

In Denmark

In Germany

The Weser near Bad Oeynhausen.

In the Netherlands

The Rhine at the Loreley
Hotton, view on the Ourthe river and the city church.
The Scheldt in Antwerp

In Belgium

In France

In Britain

Aerial view of the Thames in London
The mouth of the Gaywood River at King's Lynn.
The Mouth of the River Burn at Overy Creek, Norfolk

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European countries