List of television stations in the United Kingdom

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This is a list of television stations in the United Kingdom available on digital terrestrial, satellite and cable systems.

Some channels have a "timeshift" service with the same programming (and usually advertisements as well) broadcast one, two or twenty-four hours later to give viewers another chance to catch a favourite programme, and some have an HD simulcast that broadcasts the same programming in high-definition.

Public service broadcasters



The ITV network is owned by ITV Network Limited, which in turn is owned by ITV plc, STV Group, and UTV Media.

Owned by ITV plc:

  • ITV (DTT)
    • ITV +1 (DTT)
    • ITV HD (DTT)

Owned by STV Group:

  • STV (DTT)
    • STV +1 (DTT)
    • STV HD (DTT)

Owned by UTV Media:

  • UTV (DTT)
    • UTV +1 (DTT)
    • UTV HD (DTT)

Owned by ITV Digital Channels Ltd, a subsidiary of ITV plc:

  • ITV2 (DTT)
    • ITV2 +1 (DTT)
    • ITV2 HD
  • ITV3 (DTT)
    • ITV3 +1 (DTT)
    • ITV3 HD
  • ITV4 (DTT)
    • ITV4 +1 (DTT)
    • ITV4 HD
  • ITV Encore
    • ITV Encore +1
    • ITV Encore HD
  • ITVBe (DTT)
    • ITVBe +1 (DTT)
    • ITVBe HD
  • CITV (DTT)
  • JML Store (DTT)

Channel 4

  • Channel 4 (DTT)
    • Channel 4 +1 (DTT)
    • Channel 4 HD (DTT)
    • Channel 4 +1 HD (DTT)
  • E4 (DTT)
    • E4 +1 (DTT)
    • E4 HD
  • More4 (DTT)
    • More4 +1
    • More4 HD
  • Film4 (DTT)
    • Film4 +1 (DTT)
    • Film4 HD
  • 4seven (DTT)
    • 4seven HD (DTT)

Channel 5

Channel 5 Broadcasting is a subsidiary of Viacom International Media Networks Europe.

  • Channel 5 (DTT)
    • Channel 5 +1 (DTT)
    • Channel 5 +24 (DTT)
    • Channel 5 HD
  • 5* (DTT)
    • 5* +1
  • 5USA (DTT)
    • 5USA +1
  • Spike (DTT)


Owned by the S4C Authority:

  • S4C (DTT in Wales)

Additional channels in Northern Ireland

Irish channels available in Northern Ireland:

Multichannel broadcasters








UKTV is a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks Interactive


Operated by Viacom International Media Networks (Europe):

Operated by Nickelodeon UK, part-owned by Sky

BET is operated through BET Networks, a Viacom subsidiary.

The Comedy Central channels are operated by Paramount UK Partnership, in which Sky owns 25 percent.

For Channel 5, see Channel 5 above.

Discovery Networks


A+E Networks UK

A+E Networks UK is a joint-venture between A+E Networks and Sky

Universal Networks International

Universal Networks International is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal

Turner Broadcasting System Europe

Fox International Channels

The National Geographic channel are owned by NGC-UK Partnership, part-owned by the National Geographic Society.

Sony Pictures Television

CSC Media Group is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television.

AMC Networks International Zone

CBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership is a joint-venture between CBS Studios International and AMC Networks International Zone.

Owned by AMC Networks International Zone:

The Box Plus Network

The Box Plus Network is a joint-venture between Bauer Media Group and Channel Four Television Corporation.

BT Group

  • BT Sport 1
    • BT Sport 1 HD
  • BT Sport 2
    • BT Sport 2 HD
  • BT Sport ESPN
    • BT Sport ESPN HD
  • BT Sport Europe
    • BT Sport Europe HD
  • BT Sport Showcase (DTT)

Scripps Networks Interactive

Other channels

General entertainment, lifestyle, documentaries, movies, sports and music channels that target a general audience.

Owned by Information TV Limited:

  • Information TV
    • Information TV +1
  • Irish TV
  • Showcase
    • Showcase +1
  • Property Show
    • Property Show +2

Owned by All Around the World (AATW):

Owned by Global Music Television:

Owned by Boxing Channel Media Limited:

Owned by Media Trust:


Local channels

Channels that broadcast to a specific local area.

  • Estuary TV, serving Grimsby owned by Estuary TV CIC Ltd
  • Latest TV, serving Brighton and Hove owned by Latest TV Ltd
  • London Live, serving London owned by London Evening Standard (Lebedev Holdings Limited)
  • Made in Bristol, serving Bristol owned by Made Television
  • Made in Cardiff, serving Cardiff owned by Made Television
  • Made in Leeds, serving Leeds owned by Made Television
  • Made in Tyne & Wear, serving Newcastle owned by Made Television
  • Mustard TV, serving Norwich owned by Archant Community Media Ltd.
  • Notts TV, serving Nottingham owned by Confetti Media Group
  • NvTv, serving Belfast owned by Northern Visions
  • Sheffield Live! TV, serving Sheffield owned by Sheffield Community Media Ltd
  • STV Glasgow, serving Glasgow owned by STV Group plc
  • That's Solent, serving Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester owned by That's Solent Ltd

Other news channels

English language news channels, most of them non-domestic.

Owned by Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera Media Network)

Owned by (ANO) TV-Novosti:

  • RT
    • RT HD

Owned by Continental Broadcasting Service (Nigeria):

  • TVC News
    • TVC News +1


Religious channels

Owned by Daystar Television Network:

  • Daystar
    • Daystar HD


Shopping channels

Owned by QVC, part of Liberty Media:

Owned by Ideal Shopping Direct Ltd.:

  • Create and Craft (DTT)
  • Craft Extra
  • Ideal World (DTT)
  • Ideal Extra

Owned by The Genuine Gemstone Company:

Owned by HSTV Media Ltd.:

  • High Street TV
  • High Street TV2
  • High Street TV3

Owned by Thane Direct UK Ltd:

Owned by The Broadcast House Ltd.:

  • The Dept Store
  • The Mall

Owned by The Jewellery Channel Ltd.:

  • TJC
  • TJC Choice


  • Best Direct, owned by Best Direct (International) Ltd.
  • GR Shop, owned by Guthy-Renker UK Ltd.
  • JML Direct, owned by JML Direct TV Ltd.
  •, owned by Pavers Shoes
  • Retail TV, owned by Retail Therapy Media Ltd
  • Rocks & Co 1 (DTT), owned by Rocks and Co Productions Ltd
  • TV Warehouse, owned by Canis 107 Ltd.
  • V Channel, owned by Avalon Capital Ltd.
  • Hochanda, owned by PV Marketing Ltd.

Other gaming, dating and specialist channels

  • Alexcasino, owned by Monte Carlo Ltd
  • Chat Box, owned by 4D Interactive Limited
  • Gay Network, owned by 4D Interactive Limited
  • Psychic Today, owned by Majestic TV Limited
  • Super Casino, owned by Netplay TV Broadcasting Limited

Adult channels

Owned by Playboy Enterprises:

Owned by Cellcast Group

Owned by Northern & Shell:

  • Electric Blue
  • Girl Next Door
  • Play TV
  • Red Hot 18s
  • Red Hot Amateur
  • Red Hot Mums
  • Studio 66 TV 1
  • Studio 66 TV 2
  • Studio 66 TV 3
  • Television X (DTT)
  • TVX Brits
  • Viewers' Wives

Owned by Txt Me TV Limited:

  • Cruzr TV
  • Xpanded TV
  • Xpanded TV 2


  • Adult Previews, owned by Virgin Media
  • Babes From TV, owned by Square World Communications Limited
  • Blue Kiss TV (DTT), owned by Square 1 Management Limited
  • Flirt TV, owned by Portland TV
  • Storm, owned by Chat Central Ltd

Interactive channels

Defunct channels

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