List of waterfalls of India

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This is a list of notable waterfalls in India sorted by state.

Andhra Pradesh

Ethipothala Falls
Talakona waterfalls
Penchalakona waterfalls
Name District Height Details
Kailasakona Falls Chittoor This perennial waterfall located in the Nagari valley near Tirupati in Chittoor district originates from a fracture in a sheet rock.
Rampachodavaram East Godavari
Nemaligundla falls Prakasam Near Giddalur town in Nallamala Forest
Ethipothala Falls Guntur situated on Chandravanka river, a tributary of river Krishna, also shared with Telangana state
Kapila Theertham Chittoor Near holy town Tirumala
Talakona Chittoor Highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh State
Ubbalamdugu Falls Chittoor Also called Tada Falls or Kambakam Falls
Katiki Water Falls Visakhapatnam near Araku, Visakhapatnam District
Thatiguda Falls
Bhairava Kona Prakasam Near Pamur town in Nallamala Forest
Champawati Prakasam
Shiav Kunda Prakasam
Penchalakona Water Falls Nellore It is located around 115 km (71 mi) from Tirupati

Arunachal Pradesh


Kakolat waterfall
Name District Height Details
Kakolat Falls Nawada 160 ft Fall is situated at Bihar state
North Tank


Chitrakoot Waterfalls is the broadest waterfall in India.
Teerthagarh Waterfalls



Gira Waterfall near Waghai on Saputara road
  • Bihar Falls
  • Gira falls near Saputara
  • Gira dhodh Falls
  • Hathni waterfall near Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary
  • Jamjir Falls
  • Machhu Falls
  • Ninai Falls
  • Zanzari Falls
  • Zarwani Falls

Himachal Pradesh

Jammu and Kashmir


Jog Falls in Sagar, Karnataka are the second highest plunge waterfalls in India, formed by the Sharavati River.


Name District Height Details
Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls Chamarajanagar - River Cauvery, 100 km (62 mi) from Bangalore
Apsarakonda Falls Uttara Kannada - River Sharavathi, 8 km (5.0 mi) from Honnavar
Lalguli Falls Uttara Kannada 250 ft (76 m) River Kali, 13 km (8.1 mi) from Yellapur
Nisargadhama Falls Madikeri River Cauvery 2 km (1.2 mi) from Kushalnagar
Burude Falls or Dodmane Falls Uttara Kannada 20 km (12 mi)+ from Siddapura and 55 km (34 mi)+ from Sirsi on Siddapur-Kumta road
Shivagange Falls Uttara Kannada 243 ft (74 m) River Sonda, 45 km (28 mi) from Sirsi
Belkal theertha Shimoga & Udupi 600 ft (180 m) During rainy season, 110 km (68 mi) from Shimoga
Dabbe Falls Sagar, Karnataka near Hosagadde, 20 km (12 mi) from Kargal
Waate haLLa Falls Uttara Kannada 100 ft (30 m)+ 30 km (19 mi) from Sirsi
Vibhooti Falls Uttara Kannada 50 km (31 mi) from Sirsi on Yana-Ankola Road
Alekan Falls Dakshina Kannada 18 km (11 mi) from Charmadi
Dondole Falls Dakshina Kannada 50 ft (15 m)+ 23 km (14 mi) from Charmadi
Shanti Falls Chikmagalur 12 ft (3.7 m) near Kemmanagundi
Abbey Falls Kodagu 8 km (5.0 mi) from Madikeri
Arisina Gundi Falls Udupi near Kollur
Barkana Falls Shimoga 850 ft (260 m) River Sita, near Agumbe
Bennehole Falls Uttara Kannada 230 ft (70 m) On the way to Kumta from Sirsi
Chunchanakatte Falls Mysore 66 ft (20 m) River Cauvery, 15 km (9.3 mi) from Krishnarajanagara
Godchinamalaki Falls Belgaum 141 ft (43 m) River Markandeya, 16 km (9.9 mi) from Gokak
Gokak Falls Belgaum 170 ft (52 m) River Ghataprabha, 6 km (3.7 mi) from Gokak
Hebbe Falls Chikmagalur 551 ft (168 m) 10 km (6.2 mi) from Kemmanagundi
Irupu Falls Kodagu 170 ft (52 m) River Lakshmana Tirtha 48 km (30 mi) from Virajpet
Jomlu Theertha Falls Udupi 30 ft (9.1 m) Seethanadi, 35 km (22 mi) from Udupi
Chelavara Falls Kodagu 10 km (6.2 mi) from Palace Estate
Mallalli Falls Kodagu River Kumaradhara, 25 km (16 mi) from Somwarpet
Jog Falls or Gersoppa Falls Sagar, Karnataka & Uttara Kannada 829 ft (253 m) River Sharavathi, 30 km (19 mi) from Sagara
Hidlumane Falls Shimoga 100 ft (30 m) Kodachadri water stream, 105 km (65 mi) from Shimoga
Kalhatti Falls Chikmagalur 403 ft (123 m) near Kemmanagundi
Unchalli Falls or Keppa Falls Uttara Kannada 380 ft (120 m) 35 km (22 mi) from Siddapura 45 km (28 mi) from Sirsi
Koosalli Falls Udupi 380 ft (120 m) 70 km (43 mi) from Udupi
Kudumari Falls or Belligundi Falls Udupi 300 ft (91 m)
Magod Falls Uttara Kannada 650 ft (200 m) River Bedti, 17 km (11 mi) from Yellapur
Manikyadhara Falls Chikmagalur 1 km (0.62 mi) from Baba Budangiri
Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall Bangalore 40 km (25 mi) from Bangalore, very small waterfall
Shivanasamudra Falls Chamarajanagar 320 ft (98 m) River Cauvery, 139 km (86 mi) from Bangalore
Sathodi Falls Uttara Kannada 49 ft (15 m) River Kali, 32 km (20 mi) from Yellapur
Varapoha Falls Belgaum 197 ft (60 m) River Mandovi, 60 km (37 mi) from Belgaum
Sirimane Falls Chikmagalur 22 km (14 mi) from Sringeri
Sogal Falls Belgaum near Bailhongal
Chunchi Falls Bangalore River Arkavathi, 90 km (56 mi) from Bangalore
Hogenekal Falls Bangalore River Kaveri, 180 km (110 mi) from Bangalore
Shimsha Falls OR Ganalu Falls Mandya River Shimsha, 11.5 km (7.1 mi) from Halaguru on HN 209
Suthanabbe Falls or Hanumanagundi Falls Chikmagalur 100 ft (30 m)+ near Kudremukh
Kunchikal Falls Shimoga 1,493 ft (455 m) River Varahi, near Mastikatte in Shimoga district. This is the highest tiered waterfalls in India and second highest in Asia.[1][2]

''Waterfalls In Karnataka'' Land of Waterfalls Karnataka is very well known for the many spectacular waterfalls it houses. If visited during the right season, they are a sight to behold. There is a huge list of waterfalls in the Western ghats, but here you will find the few that we have personally visited.

1.Jog Falls Originating from the River Sharavathi, this is one of the most famous falls in the Western Ghats. Also known as Gerosoppa falls, this water body is located in the district of Shimoga.Its the second highest falls in India and first place to get electricity in Asia. Distance from Bangalore: 400 kilometers. Accommodation: Cheap no frills accommodation is available here from Rs 800 onwards. Best time to visit: Aug-Jan. Little known fact: Jog falls is used for hydroelectricity and can generate 6700000 W of power.

2. Iruppu Falls One of the most famous waterfalls in the district of Kodagu, Iruppu falls forms from the river Lakshmana Tirtha, in Virajpet. The falls is surrounded by a forest trail that leads to the Brahmagiri range. Distance from Bangalore: 300 kilometres. Accommodation: Plenty of homestays available in Coorg from Rs 1000/- onwards. Best time to visit: Monsoons. Little known fact: Legends say that Rama and Lakshmana passed this route on their search for Sita. A tired Rama asked his brother to fetch him some water to quench his thirst and Lakshaman shot an arrow into the Bhramagiri range and that bought about the Lakshmana Thirtha river.

3. Abbey Falls Abbey Falls is in Kodagu, in the Western Ghats in Karnataka. The pristine water from the falls has a calming effect on tourists. Distance from Bangalore: 300 kilometres. Accommodation: Plenty of homestays available in Coorg from Rs 1000/- onwards. Best time to visit: Monsoons.

4. Dudhsagar Falls Located en route to Goa, the falls offers a scenic backdrop to a railway track. It is one of India's tallest waterfalls and forms the border between Karnataka and Goa. The source of the falls is the Mandovi river in Goa. Distance from Bangalore: 548 kilometres. Accommodation: The nearest accommodation available is in Panjim, which is 60 kilometeres away. There is no availability of fresh drinking water or clean rest room facilities anywhere in the vicinity of the falls including at the rail stop. Best time to visit: Monsoons.

5. Mallali Falls Mallali falls is situated in Kodagu district at the foothills of the Pushpagiri mountains. The river source is the Kumaradhara River. The roads to the falls are terrible and cars can get damaged on their way there. Distance from Bangalore: 265 kilometeres. Accommodation: Plenty of home stays and hotels around Coorg. Best time to visit: Pre-monsoons. Little known fact: The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in which the falls resides has been proposed to be included as a World heritage site.

6. Unchalli Falls Unchalli falls is in the Sirsi district in Uttara Kannada. These falls cascade from a height of 170 feet and is created by the river Aghanashini. Trekkers love this spot since it is full of steep tracks, deep gorges and rare flora. Distance from Bangalore: 443 kilometres. Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels and guesthousess in Sirsi and Yellapur that can help a weary traveller. Best time to visit: Pre-monsoons and monsoons. Little known fact: Unchalli falls is also known as Lushington falls. It was named after a British District collector, J.D. Lushington, who discovered the falls in 1845.

7. Balmuri Falls Balmuri falls is located on the way to Krishna Raja Sagar dam. The falls is man-made and is created by the dam. It is a well-known picnic spot, too. Distance from Bangalore: 139 kilometres. Accommodation: There are plenty of places to stay in and around Mysore which is 16 kilometers away. Little known fact: The falls have plenty of whirlpools that have claimed many unsuspecting lives.

8. Kadambi Falls Falling from the height of 30 feet, the Kadambi falls is located inside the Kudremukh National Park in Chikmangaluru. The majestic fall is a stunning sight to behold with lush greenery all around. Distance from Bangalore: 331 kilometers. Accommodation: Visitors can stay at Kuduremukh, which offers a wide range of stay options. Best time to visit: Pre-monsoons and monsoons.

9. Barkana Falls Barkana Falls is situated near Balehalli forest area, in the Agumbe village, Shimoga. The falls cascade from the height of 850 feet. It finds its origins from the River Seetha. Distance from Bangalore: 382 kilometres. Accommodation: Agumbe and Shimoga have plenty of stay options. Best time to visit: The fall offer a sight to behold during the monsoons. Little know fact: Barkana Falls is one of the prime sources of hydroelectricity in Karnataka as the water is used to power a hydroelectric system. The village of Agumbe, where the falls are situated, is said to have received the highest level of rainfall in Karnataka. Know about more waterfalls that we seem to have missed? Do tell us about them in the comments below.

10. Kalhathgiri Falls Its one of the most famous falls for picnic.It is near to chickmaglur.

11. Shivanasamudra Falls Its one of the most famous falls for picnic. It is near to Mandya and this place is one of the most visited by bangalorians which is at 130 km from Bangalore during weekends.

12. Hogenekal Falls Its one of the most famous falls for picnic and boating. This place is one of the most visited by bangalorians which is at 180 km from Bangalore during weekends.The falls is a waterfall on the river Kaveri and is often referred as the Niagara of India which divides Karnataka and Tamil Nadu State. Located around 180 km from Bangalore, these falls are a major tourist attraction.

Perunthenaruvi water falls in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala


Idukki district alone has about 50 small or big waterfalls, most of which are not included above because of not being well known and some are only active during monsoons. It is the same with Wayanad district, Pathanamthitta district and other hilly districts.

Madhya Pradesh

The magnificent falls of Vajrai Waterfall
An early morning view of Amboli Falls
The magnificent falls of Pandavkada


Name District Height Details
Ale's waterfall Satara on the Tapola Road near Zolchikhind is about 8 to 9 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar
Amboli Ghat Falls Sindhudurg 400 ft (120 m) 1 km from Amboli; well known for its fresh and pleasing environs
Barki Waterfalls Kolhapur 65 km (40 mi) from Kolhapur
Berki Waterfalls Kolhapur 4 km (2.5 mi) from Gaganbawada or 75 km (47 mi) from Kolhapur, in Amboli Ghats
Bhilar Waterfalls Satara Seen on the Mahabaleshwar Panchgani road is one of the beautiful falls on the Kudali river arising from the Bhilar village
Bhildari valley Waterfalls Aurangabad Near 3 km (1.9 mi) from Kannad or 12 km (7.5 mi) from Chalisgaon
Bhivpuri Waterfalls Thane 8 km (5.0 mi) from Bhivpuri railway station, or 20 km (12 mi) from Karjat railway station
Chinchghar Falls Sindhudurg 10 km (6.2 mi) from Kudal town
Chinchoti Waterfalls Thane 100 ft (30 m) high & 20 ft (6.1 m) broad 5 km (3.1 mi) from Mumbai-Palghar highway near Vasai
Chinmans waterfalls Satara It is 2.5 km (1.6 mi) away from Mahabaleshwar, towards the south into the Koyana Valley
Chirkehind Waterfalls Satara In the lower portion of the Ambenali Ghat about 6–7 km (3.7–4.3 mi) after the diversion to Ragtag
Dabhosa Waterfalls Thane 300 ft (91 m) 5 km (3.1 mi) from Javhar
Dhobi Falls Satara 450 ft (140 m) 3 km (1.9 mi) from Mahableshwar town, formed on the banks of Koyna River
Dodhvne Tivre Falls Ratnagiri 200 ft (61 m) 10 km (6.2 mi) from Sangameshwar
Dudhsagar Waterfalls Nashik 100 ft (30 m) Located around 8 km (5.0 mi) to the west of Nasik near Someshwar Temple
Dugarwadi Waterfalls Nashik 450 ft (140 m) Approx. 30 km from Nashik, Near Nashik
Garambi Waterfalls Raigad 100 ft (30 m) Located near Murud, 5 km (3.1 mi) from Janjira
Gavlideo Hill Falls Thane 5 km (3.1 mi) from Thane, located near Thane - Belapur road
Kandhar Waterfalls Sangli 25 km (16 mi) from Peth Naka on NH4, 65 km (40 mi) from Sangli, 70 km (43 mi) from Miraj railway junction
Kelghar waterfalls Satara on the Mahabaleshwar-Medha-Satara road almost 14 to 15 kilometers away from the main marketplace
Kune Falls Pune 659 ft (201 m) 10 km (6.2 mi) from old Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Lonvala-Khandala valley
Lingamala Waterfalls Satara 620 ft (190 m) Located 6 km (3.7 mi) away from the famous hill station Mahabaleshwar and at top of the Venna Valley
Malsej ghat Falls Thane 400 ft (120 m) 45 km (28 mi) from Murbadtown, in the Malsej ghat falls or 115 km (71 mi) from Thane City
Mandakini Waterfalls Satara 25 km (16 mi) from Mahableshwar
Marleshwar Waterfalls Ratnagiri 5 km (3.1 mi) from Devrukh, formed on the banks of Bav river
Nagartas Falls Sindhudurg 320 ft (98 m) 50 km (31 mi) from Kankavli town, in the Amboli Ghat or 100 km (62 mi) from Kolhapur
Napne Falls Sindhudurg 250 ft (76 m) 15 km (9.3 mi) from Vaibhavwadi
Needle Point Waterfalls Satara 20 km (12 mi) from Panchgani, close to Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani route
Nivali Falls Ratnagiri 50 km (31 mi) from Sangameshwar, located on Ratnagiri-Ganpatipule route
Ozarde Waterfalls Patan,Satar 10 km (6.2 mi) from Koyna
Palsambe Waterfalls Kolhapur 45 km (28 mi) from Kolhapur, on the way to Gaganbawada at Palsamba
Pandavkada Falls Raigad 350 ft (110 m) Situated in the hills near Kharghar, Navi Mumbai near Mumbai-Pune Expressway
Peb Waterfalls Raigad 10 km (6.2 mi) from Neral railway station, on the way to Matheran
Ramatirth Waterfall Kolhapur On the banks of Hiranyakeshi river nearly 10 km (6.2 mi) from Ajara
Ramdharneshwar Waterfalls Raigad 20 km (12 mi) from Alibaug, near Khim village
Rajmachi Waterfalls Pune 5 km (3.1 mi) from Khandala, can be seen from Mumbai - Pune Expressway
Randha Falls Ahmednagar 350 ft (110 m) 50 km (31 mi) from Nashik, or 45 km (28 mi) from Kasara railway station
Sahastrakunda Waterfalls Nanded situated on Painganga river at sahastrakund
SavDav Waterfalls Sindhudurg 10 km (6.2 mi) from Kankavli town
Sawatkada Waterfalls Raigad On the way to Garambi, through the village Shighre, near Alibaug
Sawatkada Waterfalls Ratnagiri 1 km from Chiplun city Chiplun city
Tamhini Waterfalls Pune In the Tamihini ghats, near Pune
Tapalwadi Falls Thane 350 ft (110 m) 3 km (1.9 mi) from Neral railway station on the route to Matheran hill station
Thoseghar Waterfalls Satara 1,150 ft (350 m) 36 km (22 mi) from Satara, a full front view of the falls can be obtained by going to Chalkewadi and then walking down the road for 5 km (3.1 mi)
Tiger Falls Pune near Lonavala in Khandala Ghat, 80 km (50 mi) from Mumbai, or 70 km (43 mi) from Pune
Tigher Waterfalls Thane 300 ft (91 m) 10 km (6.2 mi) from Karjat railway station
Umbrella Falls Ahmednagar 50 km (31 mi) from Nashik, or 45 km (28 mi) from Kasara railway station
Usarvardhane Waterfalls Thane 300 ft (91 m) Near the Kansai village, 5 km (3.1 mi) by vehicle and a 45-minute trek thereafter
Vajrai Waterfall Satara 853 ft (260 m) 27 km (17 mi) from Satara District near Kas flower valley
Vihigaon Waterfalls Mumbai 125 km (78 mi) 125 km (78 mi) from Mumbai city near Kasara, on Mumbai-Nashik Highway Map
Vyaghreshwar waterfall Sindhudurg 300 ft (91 m) near Mnche, 30 km (19 mi) from Tarale (which is on Mumbai-Goa highway)
Zenith Waterfalls Thane 450 ft (140 m) 10 km (6.2 mi) from Khopoli railway station, 20 km (12 mi) from Karjat railway station



Name District Height Details
Beadon Falls Shillong 394 ft (120 m)
Bishop Falls Shillong 443 ft (135 m)
Kynrem Falls Cherrapunjee 1,000 ft (300 m)
Langshiang Falls Shillong 1,107 ft (337 m)
Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunjee 1,100 ft (340 m)
Nohsngithiang Falls Cherrapunjee 1,035 ft (315 m)
Sweet Falls Shillong 315 ft (96 m)
Elephant Falls Shillong Three Steps Waterfalls
Crinoline Falls Shillong
Margaret Falls Shillong 315 ft (96 m)
Spread Eagle Falls Shillong 315 ft (96 m)


Scenic Beauty of the Khandadhar Falls, Kendujhar


Name District Height
Ammakunda Falls Malkangiri district
Badaghagara Waterfall Kendujhar 60 ft (18 m)
Bagra Falls Koraput 30 ft (9.1 m)
Barehipani Falls Mayurbhanj 1,308 ft (399 m)
Beniadhus fall Nuapada 24 ft (7.3 m)
Budhakholo Falls Ganjam 25 ft (7.6 m)
Chatikona Falls Rayagada
Deokunda Falls Mayurbhanj
Duduma Waterfalls Koraput 574 ft (175 m)
Gandahathi Falls Gajapati
Handi Bhanga Waterfall Kendujhar 30 ft (9.1 m)
Harishankar Falls Sundergarh
Hathi Pathar Falls Rayagada
Joranda Falls Mayurbhanj 492 ft (150 m)
Khandadhar Falls, Sundagarh Sundergarh 800 ft (240 m)
Khandadhar Falls, Kendujhar Kendujhar 500 ft (150 m)
Khanduala Falls Kalahandi
Koilighugar Waterfall Jharsuguda 200 ft (61 m)
Phurlijharan Falls Kalahandi 30 ft (9.1 m)
Pradhanpat Falls Debagarh 30 ft (9.1 m)
Putudi Falls Kandhamal
Machhakunda Falls Koraput
Miriglotah Falls Sundergarh
Nrusimhanath Falls Bargarh
Rabandarh Falls Kalahandi
Sanaghagara Waterfall Kendujhar 30 ft (9.1 m)
Sonepur Falls
Waterfall on Kolli hills
Hogenakal Waterfall
Kiliyur Waterfall
Kutralam Waterfall
Agasthiyar waterfall, Papanasam
Silver Cascade Waterfall,Kodaikkanal
Banatheertham Waterfall, Papanasam
Shenbagathoppu Meenvetti Parai Falls, Srivilliputtur

Tamil Nadu

Name District Height Details
Agasthiar Falls Tirunelveli Vickramasingapuram
Agaya Gangai Namakkal Puliancholai in Kolli Hills
Aintharuvi Tirunelveli Five Falls near Kutralam Falls
Amirthi Falls Vellore 25 km (16 mi) south of Javadi Hills
Anju Veedu Dindigul 27 km (17 mi) from Kodaikanal in the Villpatti Range
Ayyanar Falls Virudhunagar 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Rajapalayam
Bamen Falls Dindigul in Palani Hills National Park
Bear Shola Falls Dindigul 2 km (1.2 mi) from Kodaikanal
Beemanmadavu Vellore In Javadi Hills
Catherine Falls Nilgiris 250 ft (76 m) Kotagiri
Chinnakallar Falls Coimbatore Near Pollachi
Chitraruvi Tirunelveli Small falls near Kutralam Falls
Elk Falls Nilgiris Kotagiri
Fairy Falls Dindigul 5 km (3.1 mi) from Kodaikanal
Gaur Vellaiyan Dindigul 52 ft (16 m) Kilavarai near Kodaikanal
Glen Falls (Tamil Nadu) Dindigul Vilpatti on Palar (Kallar)
Halashana Falls Nilgiris 150 ft (46 m) Jalagamparai Waterfalls Vellore Near Yelagiri on Attaru River
Kalhutti Fall Nilgiris 170 ft (52 m)
Kalikesam Falls Kanyakumari
Karteri Fall Nilgiris Aruvankadu
Aanaivaari Muttal Salem 10 km from Attur, 3 km up Kalrayan Hills from the Muttal Lake - Ecotourism, partnership of Tamil Nadu Tourism & Forest Departments
Kiliyur Falls Salem 300 ft (91 m)
Kolakambai Falls Nilgiris 400 ft (120 m)
Koraiyar Falls Perambalur in Pachaimalai near Arumbavur
Kumbakkarai Falls Theni Kumbakkarai, 8 km (5.0 mi) from Periyakulam on Pambar River
Kutharapaanjan Falls Tirunelveli Panagudi
Kuthiraiyar Falls Dindigul 295 ft (90 m) near Pappampatti from Kukkal on Kudiraiyar River
Kutladampatti Falls Madurai 90 ft (27 m) Kutladampatti
Kutralam Falls Tirunelveli 167 m (548 ft)
Law's Fall Nilgiris Coonoor
Mangalam Aruvi Perambalur (Mangalam falls) in Pachaimalai
Manimuthar Falls Tirunelveli above the Manimuthar dam, pond 90 ft (27 m) deep, 35 km (22 mi) from Tirunelveli
Mayil Uthu Falls Perambalur 18 km (11 mi) from Esanai in Pachaimalai
Monkey Falls Coimbatore on Coimbatore-Pollachi-Valparai Highways
Neptune Falls Dindigul rapids in Palani Hills National Park
Paalaru Falls Tirunelveli 15 km (9.3 mi) from [Shenkottai]
Palar Falls Dindigul 338 ft (103 m) at Lua error in Module:Coordinates at line 668: callParserFunction: function "#coordinates" was not found. 10.8 km (6.7 mi)NxNE of Kodaikanal, spectacular and dangerous, photo
Pambar Falls Dindigul 4 km (2.5 mi) from Kodaikanal also known as Liril Falls
Papanasam Falls Tirunelveli near Vickramasingapuram
Pazhathotta Aruvi Tirunelveli Fruit Garden Falls or Orchid Falls near Kutralam Falls
Pazhaya Courtallam Tirunelveli Old Falls near Kutralam Falls
Peraruvi Tirunelveli Main Falls at Kutralam Falls
Periyar Falls Viluppuram Kalrayan Hills
Poombarai Falls Dindigul 50 ft (15 m) Kukkal
Pudur Megan Falls Viluppuram Kalrayan Hills
Puli Aruvi Tirunelveli Tiger Falls near Kutralam Falls
Puthu Aruvi Tirunelveli New Falls or Palaruvi - Milk Falls - The falls look like milk near Kutralam Falls
Pykara lower Falls Nilgiris 180 ft (55 m) Nilgiris
Pykara upper Falls Nilgiris 200 ft (61 m) Nilgiris
Sengupathi Falls Coimbatore Coimbatore - Siruvani main road
Shenbaga Devi Falls Tirunelveli The area is filled with senbhaga trees near Kutralam Falls
Shenbaga Thoppu Meenvetti Parai Falls Virudhunagar This forest cum waterfall is located in the Western ghats, around 6 km (3.7 mi) from Srivilliputtur.
Shenbagathoppu Falls Virudhunagar 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Srivilliputtur
Silver Cascade Dindigul 080 ft (24 m) 8 km (5.0 mi) from Kodaikanal
Siruvani Waterfalls Coimbatore also known as Kovai Kutralam, at Siruvani, about 40 km (25 mi) from Coimbatore
Skamba Falls Dindigul 8 km (5.0 mi) from Kodaikanal
Snake Falls (Tamil Nadu) Dindigul in Palani Hills National Park
Suruli Falls Theni 123-km from Madurai
Thakkam thootam Falls Dindigul near Palani
Thalaiyar Falls (Rat tail) Dindigul 975 ft (297 m) width 13 m (43 ft) Near Manjalaru 8 6 km from Devadanapatti
Thenaruvi Tirunelveli Honey Falls - the area is known for the honey near Kutralam Falls
Thirumoorthy Falls Coimbatore about 20 km (12 mi) from Udumalpet
Thiruparappu Falls Kanyakumari 50 ft (15 m) Thiruparappu on Kodayar River
Thoovanam Falls Dindigul or Dhuvanam falls near Amaravathinagar
Ullakarvi Falls Kanyakumari 55 ft (17 m) Azhakiyapandiapuram, 17 km (11 mi) from Nagercoil town
Baana Theertham Falls Tirunelveli Vickramasingapuram
Vaideki Falls Coimbatore 30 km (19 mi) from Coimbatore near Narasipuram
Vattaparai Falls Kanyakumari Near Bhoothapandi, 13 km (8.1 mi) of Nagercoil on Pazhayar River


Kuntala waterfalls
Name District Height Details
Kuntala Waterfall Adilabad 45 m (148 ft) This waterfall is the highest height waterfall in Telangana State.
Pochera Falls Adilabad 20 m (66 ft) Situated about 35 km (22 mi) from Nirmal, on National Highway no.7, and is on the way to Adilabad.[4]
Mallela Theertham Falls Mahabubnagar It is located around 58 km (36 mi) from Srisailam .
Bogatha Waterfall Khammam It is located in Koyaveerapuram G, Wazeedu Mandal, 120 km from Bhadrachalam.
Gayatri Waterfalls Adilabad It is located near Nirmal.
Paarakaphi waterfalls Adilabad It is located near Utnoor.
Savatula Gundam Waterfalls Adilabad 30 km from Asifabad.
Sirnapally Waterfalls Nizamabad 20 km from Nizamabad.
Kempty Falls, Mussoorie in winters

Uttar Pradesh

  • Lakhaniya Dari Waterfall - 30 km from Chunar, Mirzapur
  • Sidhnath Dari Waterfall - Shakteshgarh, Chunar
  • Vindham Waterfall - Deodari Waterfalls, Vindhyachal, Mirzapur


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