Long Pasia

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Long Pasia is a village in Sipitang, Sabah. Long Pasia is a home town of Lun Bawang/Lun Dayeh tribes . There are Several natural forest areas have been earmarked as potential areas to be developed as tourism attraction such as:-

  • Maga-Pasia Waterfall (Ruab Maga)
  • Sinipung Hill (Pegkung Sinipung)
  • Sinipung Lake (Takung Sinipung)
  • Rekong Waterfall (Ruab Rekong)
  • Estuary of Rekiran River (Pa’ Rekiran)
  • Pulau Waterfall (Pa’ Pulau)
  • Pinasat River (Long Pinasat)
  • Matang River – Kuala Bayur, Yang Abpe, Batu Narit, Kuala Palanuk, *Popokon, Yang Anang (Bukit Agathis)
  • Fefuken Waterfall
  • Taman Kerangas Long Pasia
  • Other areas adjacent to Long Pasia Village and Long Mio Village to be developed [1]