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MTV Video Music Brazil
Awarded for Best in music, pop culture and online culture
Country Brazil
Presented by MTV Brasil
First awarded 1995
Last awarded 2012 (18 editions)
Official website

The MTV Video Music Brazil awards (originally Video Music Awards Brazil), more commonly known as VMB, were MTV Brasil's annual award ceremony, established in 1995. MTV viewers picked the winners for most categories since 2001. Unlike in the MTV Video Music Awards, the most important category at the MTV Video Music Brazil was the Viewer's Choice, not the Video of the Year; both of these categories merged in 2005. In 2007, the awards have faced a major rebranding, with several categories extinguished (most notably the specific genre divisions) and even the trophies' design changed; from this year on, the awards were no longer focused on music videos, but on the artists, and the most important category became the Artist of the Year. However, the Video of the Year category existed to award the best music video.

In 2013, due to the devolution of the brand "MTV" to Viacom, and with the reformulation of the channel, the ceremony was discontinued.

Venues / Hosts

Year Venue Host(s) Web host Date
1995 Memorial da América Latina Marisa Orth August 31, 1995
1996 Palácio das Convenções do Anhembi Pedro Cardoso August 22, 1996
1997 August 14, 1997
1998 Carlinhos Brown August 13, 1998
1999 Via Funchal Cazé Peçanha August 19, 1999
2000 Credicard Hall Luana Piovani August 10, 2000
2001 Marcos Mion August 16, 2001
2002 Fernanda Lima August 22, 2002
2003 Palácio das Convenções do Anhembi September 30, 2003
2004 Selton Mello October 5, 2004
2005 Credicard Hall September 29, 2005
2006 Cazé Peçanha
Marcos Mion
Daniela Cicarelli
September 28, 2006
2007 Daniela Cicarelli João Gordo September 27, 2007
2008 Marcos Mion Marcelo Adnet October 2, 2008
2009 Marcelo Adnet Didi Effe October 1, 2009
2010 Marimoon September 16, 2010
2011 Quanta Studios Bento Ribeiro October 20, 2011
2012 Espaço das Américas No main host September 20, 2012

Award winners







  • Video Of The Year: O Rappa - A Minha Alma (A Paz Que Eu Não Quero)
  • Best New Artist in a Video: Los Hermanos - Anna Júlia
  • Best Video Director: O Rappa - A Minha Alma (A Paz Que Eu Não Quero)
  • Best Art Direction: Pato Fu - Made in Japan
  • Best Edited Video: O Rappa - A Minha Alma (A Paz Que Eu Não Quero)
  • Best Photography: O Rappa - A Minha Alma (A Paz Que Eu Não Quero)
  • Best Animation: Andrea Marquee - O Que Aconteceu com Nosso Amor
  • Best MPB Video: Marisa Monte - Amor I Love You
  • Best Pop Video: Skank - Três Lados
  • Best Rap Video: Xis - Us Mano e as Mina
  • Best Rock Video: O Rappa - A Minha Alma (A Paz Que Eu Não Quero)
  • Best Axé Video: Daniela Mercury - Ilê Pérola Negra
  • Best Pagode Video: Os Travessos - Meu Querubim
  • Best Demo-video: Radar Tantã - Na Dúvida Atire
  • Best Electronic Video: Golden Shower - Video Computer System
  • Viewer's Choice: O Rappa - A Minha Alma (A Paz Que Eu Não Quero)
  • Best Website: Marisa Monte -







  • Best Rock Video: Pitty - Déjà-Vu
  • Best Rap Video: Marcelo D2 - Gueto
  • Best MPB Video: Los Hermanos - Morena
  • Best Direction in a Video: Sepultura - Convicted In Life
  • Best New Artist in a Video: Hateen - Quem Já Perdeu Um Sonho Aqui?
  • Vc Fez ("U Made It", viewer-made video): Marcelo Veron, with a version of "1997", song of the band Hateen.
  • Best Live Performance in a Video: CPM 22 - Inevitável
  • Best Independent Video: Banzé - Doce Ilusão
  • Dream Band: Pitty, vocals; Fabrizio Martinelli (Hateen), guitar; Champignon (Revolucionários), bass; Japinha (CPM 22), drums.
  • Best Pop Video: Jota Quest - O Sol
  • Best Editing in a Video: Sepultura - Convicted In Life
  • Best Art Direction in a Video: Nação Zumbi - Hoje, Amanhã e Depois
  • Best Cinematography in a Video: Lulu Santos - Vale de Lágrimas
  • Best International Video: The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
  • Best Fansite: Pitty -
  • Video of the Year - Viewer's Choice: Pitty - Memórias


  • New Artist: Fresno
  • MTV Bet ("Aposta MTV"): Strike
  • Best Live Performance: Cachorro Grande
  • Web Hit: "Vai Tomar no C*"
  • Video You Made ("Clipe que Você Fez", viewer-made video): Gabriel Alves, with a version of "Na Sua Estante", by Pitty.
  • Dream Band: Pitty, vocals; Fabrizio Martinelli (Hateen), guitar; Champignon (Revolucionários), bass; Japinha (CPM 22), drums.
  • International Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Hit of the Year: NX Zero - Razões e Emoções
  • Video of the Year: Pitty - Na Sua Estante
  • Artist of the Year: NX Zero





MTV "Academy"

  • Artist of the Year: Emicida
  • Video of the Year: Emicida - "Então Toma"
  • Song of the Year: Criolo - "Não Existe Amor em SP"
  • New Artist: Criolo
  • MTV Bet: Tono
  • Album of the Year: Criolo - "Nó na Orelha"
  • Album Art of the Year: Tiê - "A Coruja e o Coração"

Popular voting

  • Hit of the Year: CW7 - "Me Acorde Pra Vida"
  • International Artist: Lady Gaga
  • Web Hit of the Year: Sou Foda
  • Web Video of the Year: Banda Uó - "Shake de Amor"


  • Artist of the year - Gaby Amarantos
  • Song of the year - Wado - "Com a ponta dos dedos" (Wado/Glauber Xavier), Emicida - "Dedo na ferida" (Emicida)
  • Best New Artist - Projota
  • Album of the year - BNegão & Seletores de Frequência - "Sintoniza lá"
  • Best Male - Criolo
  • Best Female - Gaby Amarantos
  • Best Group - Vanguart
  • Best Cover - Gaby Amarantos: "Treme" (art: Greenvision/Gotazkaen)
  • International Artist - One Direction
  • Bet - O Terno
  • Hit of the year - Restart - "Menina Estranha"
  • Video of the year - Racionais MC's - "Mil faces de um homem leal" (Marighella) (dir. Daniel Grinspum)

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