Maja Valles

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Maja Valles
Vedra, Maumee, and Maja valles.jpg
Waters from Vedra Valles, Maumee Valles, and Maja Valles went from Lunae Planum on the left, to Chryse Planitia on the right. Image is located in Lunae Palus quadrangle and was taken by Viking Orbiter.
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Maja Valles is a large, ancient outflow channel in the Lunae Palus quadrangle on Mars. Its location is 12.6° north latitude and 58.3° west longitude. The name is a Nepali word for "Mars".[1] Maja Valles begins at Juventae Chasma. Parts of the system have been partially buried by thin volcanic debris. Maja Valles ends at Chryse Planitia.[2]

Huge outflow channels were found in many areas by the Viking Orbiters. They showed that floods of water broke through dams, carved deep valleys, eroded grooves into bedrock, and traveled thousands of kilometers.[3][4][5]


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