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In the Canadian Forces, Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) is responsible for the fleet and operations of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. It was once referred to as Canadian Atlantic Station.


The Commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic (COMMARLANT) is also the Commander of Joint Task Force Atlantic (COMMJTFA), holding the rank of Rear Admiral.

Reporting to the Commander is the Commander of Canadian Fleet Atlantic (COMCANFLTLANT), holding the rank of Commodore. This individual commands Canadian Fleet Atlantic (CANFLTLANT), and is responsible for the operation and readiness of all warships, auxiliaries and support vessels.[1] COMCANFLTLANT is also the Canadian Task Group Commander for any CANFLTLANT deployment of ships to exercises or operations.

CANFLTLANT consists of the following units:

  • high and normal readiness ships
  • HMC Dockyard
  • CANFLTLANT HQ (Building D-166)
  • Fifth Maritime Operations Group (Building D-165/166)
  • Sea Training Atlantic (located at the Boat Shed)

These units depend upon the services of the integral and lodger units of MARLANT for services such as training, repairs, provisions, ammunition, shore power and steam, clothing, administrative support, photographic services, linen, and waste removal.

MARLANT facilities

MARLANTHQ is located at CFB Halifax in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Other facilities include:


Auxiliary oiler replenishing
Coastal defence vessels


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