Marxist–Leninist Italian Communist Party

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Marxist-Leninist Italian Communist Party
Leader Domenico Savio
Founded 1999
Newspaper Comunismo
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Politics of Italy
Political parties

Marxist–Leninist Italian Communist Party (in Italian: Partito Comunista Italiano Marxista-Leninista, PCIM-L) is a small communist party in Italy. The party was founded on December 3, 1999 by the Centre of Marxist Culture and Initiative (Centro di Cultura e Iniziativa Marxista).[1]

The party is based in Forio, a commune in the province of Naples. It is headed by Domenico Savio, an anti-revisionist communist who favors a strict interpretation of the ideology in accordance with the teachings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. In October 2004, Savio and his PCIM-L managed to obtain 2,244 votes (6.9%) during the Chamber of Deputies supplementary election in the college of Napoli 1 - Ischia.

In the 2006 general election PCIM-L ran a list in the Campania region for the Italian Senate, with Savio as the head of the list. PCIML got 26,029 votes (0.856% of the vote in that region, 0.08% of the national vote).

In May 2013 Savio ran for mayor of Forio, getting the 12,89% of votes and was elected as municipal councilor.[2]