Michael D. West

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Michael D. West, PhD
Born Niles, Michigan,[1] USA
Residence Northern California
Citizenship United States
Alma mater Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (B.S.)
Andrews University (M.S.)
Baylor College of Medicine (Ph.D.)[2]
Known for CEO of BioTime, Founder of Geron Corporation, former CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, research in gerontology, stem cell science, cellular aging, and telomeres
Influences James Thomson, Elizabeth Blackburn, Leonard Hayflick

Michael D. West, PhD, is a gerontologist, stem cell scientist,[3] cellular aging and telomere researcher,[4] previous CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, founder of Geron (NASDAQGERN)[5] and CEO of BioTime, Inc.(NYSE MKTBTX) of Alameda, California, a biotechnology company engaged in stem cell research and development in the field of regenerative medicine. BioTime stock is traded on the NYSE MKT exchange under ticker symbol BTX.

Prior to joining BioTime, West was Chairman of the Board, Chief Scientific Officer and CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.(OTCQBACTC), which also specializes in stem cell research. Prior that, he was founder, director, and Chief Scientific officer of Geron, for which he secured venture capital investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venrock[6] and Domain Associates.[7] At Geron, West initiated and managed programs in telomere biology relating to aging and cancer, and human embryonic stem cell technology in collaboration with James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.[8] For the company's Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board, he recruited James Thomson, Leonard Hayflick, Carol Greider (winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine), James Watson (winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in medicine), and others.[9]

Dr. West is associated with 146 patents, in the United States,[10] Australia, Japan and elsewhere.[11]



West has authored and co-edited books on topics such as animal cloning, aging, gerontology, stem cells, stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine.

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