Military ranks of Argentina

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This article presents the insignia and ranks of the armed forces of Argentina.

Flag-rank officers and commissioned officers

Approximate NATO equivalent * Argentine Navy Argentine Army Argentine Air Force
OF-9 Admiral Lieutenant general(Argentine Army)[1] Brigadier general
OF-8 Vice-admiral Divisional general Brigadier major
OF-7 Rear admiral Brigade general Brigadier
OF-5/OF-6 (long service honorary rank) Naval Commodore Senior colonel Commodore major
OF-5 Ship-of-the-line captain Colonel Commodore
OF-4 Frigate captain Lieutenant colonel Vice-commodore
OF-3 Corvette captain Major Major
OF-2 Ship-of-the-line lieutenant Captain Captain
OF-1 Frigate lieutenant First lieutenant First lieutenant
OF-1 Corvette lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
OF-1 Midshipman Sub-lieutenant Ensign
  • No official equivalence exists

Non-commissioned officers (sub-officers) and enlisted men

NATO equivalent Argentine Navy Argentine Army Argentine Air Force
Sub-officer major Sub-officer Major Sub-officer major
Principal sub-officer Principal sub-officer Principal sub-officer
First sub-officer Adjutant sergeant Adjutant sub-officer
Second sub-officer First sergeant Auxiliary sub-officer
Principal corporal Sergeant Principal corporal
First corporal First corporal First corporal
Second corporal Corporal Corporal
Seaman Volunteer first class Volunteer first class
Seaman recruit Volunteer second class Volunteer second class
Brevet volunteer second class