Mukhabarat el-Jamahiriya

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Intelligence of the Jamahiriya
Mukhabarat el-Jamahiriya
Agency overview
Dissolved 2011
Jurisdiction Government of Libya
Headquarters Tripoli, Libya
Agency executive
Parent agency Independent

Mukhabarat el-Jamahiriya (Arabic: مخابرات الجماهيرية‎‎) [1] (Intelligence of the Jamahiriya) was the national intelligence service of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi. During the Libyan Civil War, agency director Abuzed Omar Dorda was captured by anti-Gaddafi forces, the agency ceased to exist when the Jamahiriya was toppled in August 2011.


The Intelligence Community under Interim Government:[citation needed]

  • External Security Service
  • Internal Security Service
  • General Directorate of Military Intelligence


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