Murder of James Curran

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James Curran (c. 1962 – 3 April 2005) was the victim of a politically charged murder conspiracy in Ireland.


James Curran was a native of The Liberties, Dublin, an area beset by drugs (both abuse and dealing) since the early 1980s.[1]

Curran had spoken out about local former republicans' involvement in taking "protection" money from well-known drug dealers in the south inner city.[2] In return for these payments the IRA allowed the dealers to continue with their business.[2]

Christmas incident

In a Dublin pub just after Christmas 2004, Curran witnessed Bernard Dempsey and "his associates taking an envelope of cash from members of a well-known heroin dealing gang".[1] Dempsey was a local IRA commander and election activist for Sinn Féin's Aengus Ó Snodaigh.[2] In response to this, Curran, "who had personal experience of the damage heroin had done to his local community ... began shouting down the bar at Dempsey - 'Here, I'll buy you a pint. This is not drug money. This is clean money'".[1] This infuriated Dempsey.

Green Lizard pub

On 3 April 2005, Dempsey walked up behind Curran - who was sitting at the bar of the Green Lizard pub - and shot him three times through the back of the head in full view of customers.[1] He then gestured to the crowd of shocked onlookers with his gun, and walked out of the pub as calmly as he had walked up to his victim moments before.[3]


Bernard Dempsey was arrested soon after, but conviction seemed unlikely as several of the witnesses were told they would be murdered if they gave evidence.[1] Two witnesses, including Dempsey's sister, still came forward and gave evidence at Dempsey's trial. A unanimous guilty verdict was given, which resulted in his conviction for life.

"In his victim impact statement, Bernard Curran, a brother of the victim, told the court his entire family had been 'traumatised by this act of wanton destruction on a young life'. Speaking directly to Dempsey he said: "You've put a hole in my mother's heart. You've put a hole in all our hearts. and they have been filled with grief which is everlasting. I hope you can live with that.' After the verdict he [Curran's brother] said: 'I feel shocked. There are no words for it." He added: 'Justice is served.'"[3]

Personal life

Curran was a champion kick-boxer and father of one.[1]

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