Nanticoke Indian Association

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Nanticoke Indian Association
Total population
Regions with significant populations
English, formerly Nanticoke
Christianity (mostly Protestant)
Related ethnic groups
Assateague, Choptank, Conoy, Patuxent, Piscataway, Pocomoke

The Nanticoke Indian Association is a group of Nanticoke who have their headquarters in Millsboro, Delaware. They were recognized as a Native American tribe by the state of Delaware in 1922.[1] The Nanticoke are one of few state-recognized Native American groups in Delaware.

In 2002 Kenneth S. "Red Deer" Clark Sr. (1930-2015), the head chief of the association, resigned in protest because of actions by other members. He felt they were shortsighted and not beneficial to all members. One of the main issues was over how large the annual pow-wow should be and how much association members should participate in preparations for the pow-wow.[2]


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