Nereidum Montes

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Nereidum Montes
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The Nereidum Montes is a mountain range on Mars. It stretches 3,677 km, northeast of Argyre Planitia.

There is a crater at 45.1°S, 55.0°W on the Nereidum Montes that is similar to Galle in that it also has a smiley face pattern on the crater. However, it is much smaller than Galle itself.


Gullies are common in some latitude bands on Mars. Usually, gullies are found on the walls of craters or troughs, but Nereidum Montes has gullies in some areas. See the image below. Gullies occur on steep slopes, especially craters. Gullies are believed to be relatively young because they have few, if any craters, and they lie on top of sand dunes which are young. Usually, each gully has an alcove, channel, and apron. Although many ideas have been put forward to explain them, the most popular involve liquid water either coming from an aquifer or left over from old glaciers.[1]



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