Netherlands national rugby league team

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Governing body Netherlandse Rugby League Bond
Region Europe
Head coach Kane Krlic
Captain Jason Bruygoms
Home stadium Rotterdamse RC Beekweg
RLIF ranking 28th
First international
 Scotland A 22–18 Netherlands 
(Sassenheim, Netherlands; 2003)
Biggest win
 Serbia 10–24 Netherlands 
(Belgrade, Serbia; 2005)
Biggest defeat
 Netherlands 16–70 Germany 
(Delft, Netherlands; 2014)
World Cup
Appearances 0

The Netherlands national rugby league team is the national rugby league team of The Netherlands in a sport that is virtually unknown in the Nederlands. It was formed in January 2003. The national team played its first international match in 2003 against Scotland A, where they lost 22–18.

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Rugby league foundation year was in 2003 where it has regularly being played since 2003 under the NNRLB and has seen small domestic growth along the way. The first rugby league club match was played between Te Werve Bustards (Den Haag) and touring Essex Eels. After rugby league ceased in 2008 a new board the Nederlandse Rugby League Bond (NRLB) was entrusted to administer and grow the game in the Netherlands in 2009.

The Dutch participated in 1989 Student Rugby League World Cup in England, against Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The first rugby league match in Netherlands was a preparation match for the tournament against the French Army side at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. While in the late 1980s they faced Toulouse to earn a 20 all draw. Having played their first international against Scotland A in Sassenheim only narrowly losing 18 to 22, introducing the Rotterdam Cup in 2004 with a 24–14 loss to Scotland Students and debut 24 to 14 win against Serbia.

2005 saw the Netherlands build on the previous season with the national team playing four internationals. The Netherlands were defeated by Georgia 34 – 14 in April. They then went on to win their other three internationals against Serbia, Scotland and Germany

Serbia made the task of getting past the first round of European qualifiers all the more harder. The Netherlands suffered heavy defeats to Russia 40 – 14 and Georgia 57 – 16. As a consolation the Netherlands managed to defeat the other European newcomers Serbia 38 – 26. Netherlands finished 3rd in the Pool and failed to qualify for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup. The Netherlands capped off 2006 with a win against the Czech Republic 34 -28.

Rotterdam hosted the Nederlandse International Rugby League Nines Festival for visiting European teams between 2004 and 2007.

At present the NRLB are a nonprofit sports association for rugby league with their main goal to get the game exposure and attract more people to the sport. The NRLB have a short summer season (4 rounds + Finals) with the Netherlands 3V Sports Grand Prix 9's competition for clubs Capelle Spartans, Delft Rugby League, Nootdorp Musketiers and Te Werve Bustards, while they host teams for 13-aside matches including the annual clash with Oxford University Old Boys (in the Kermis Challenge) and varying teams from the UK. Netherlands as national and developmental squads have participated in away tours in tournaments such as the Heidelberg 9's in Germany and UK based events.

In recent seasons the Dutch have also participated in a Cross Border Challenge with select German clubs, National Selection matches (Select GPN vs Residents) and promotional games (combined squad vs Capelle Spartans). At youth level this year, the Dutch staged a BARLA U17 tour against a Netherlands Tasman U17 select in July at Nootdorp and Delft.

Like most developing rugby league nations there are restrictions that the Dutch board face within early stages of development like funding, sponsorship, support and promotion.

The Dutch ten-year plan is to have a fully self-supportive domestic competition running for at least 6 months of the year and to have multiple self-standing Rugby League clubs all over the country. The national squad back on the international stage competing with the best. The Nederlandse Rugby League Bond gained Observer membership status from the Rugby League European Federation in February 2012.

In May 2013, Netherlands made 28th on the RLIF World Rankings after their match against Germany in a losing effort.


Official Rankings as of December 2015[1]
Rank Change Team Points
1 Steady  New Zealand 897.00
2  Australia 719.00
3  England 655.00
4  Samoa 280.00
5  France 209.00
6 Increase  Ireland 162.00
7 Decrease  Fiji 147.00
8 Increase  Wales 132.00
9 Decrease  Scotland 121.00
10 Steady  United States 102.00
11 Increase  Serbia 72.00
12 Steady  Italy 65.00
13  Canada 62.00
14 Decrease  Papua New Guinea 60.00
15 Increase  Russia 46.00
16 Decrease  Tonga 40.00
17 Increase  Belgium 40.00
18  Malta 32.00
19 Steady  Germany 28.00
20  Lebanon 27.00
21 Increase  Spain 26.00
22 Decrease  Cook Islands 23.00
23  Ukraine 22.00
24 Steady  Greece 21.00
25 Increase  Denmark 20.00
26 Decrease  Norway 19.00
27 Increase  Jamaica 16.00
28 Decrease  Netherlands 15.00
29 Decrease  Sweden 15.00
30 Steady  Czech Republic 14.00
31 Decrease  South Africa 13.00
32 Steady  Niue 4.00
33  Hungary 2.00
34  Latvia 2.00
35  Morocco 0.00

The Netherlands have played their first match in 2003 against Scotland A, losing 22 to 18. They then competed in the 2004 Rotterdam Cup, losing both their matches.

The Netherlands failed to progress past the preliminary stages of qualifying for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup, after being defeated by Georgia and Russia in 2006. They did however manage a victory against Serbia.

Following these matches, the national team went on hiatus following a dispute between the Netherlands Federation and the RLEF. In 2009, a new board " Nederlandse Rugby League Bond (NRLB) " was appointed to run the Dutch game and re-establish relations with the RLEF. The Netherlands were re-admitted to the RLEF in 2010, and resumed international competition in 2013 with a friendly match against Germany. [1]


Date Match Stadium City Crowd
19 July 2003 Scotland A def. Netherlands 22–18 Sassenheim Park Sassenheim, Netherlands 689
23 April 2004 Netherlands def. Serbia 24–14 Rotterdamse RC Beekweg Rotterdam, Netherlands 67
7 May 2004 Scotland def. Netherlands 24–14 Rotterdamse RC Beekweg Rotterdam, Netherlands 80
29 April 2005 Georgia def. Netherlands 34–14 VV Hoekse Boys Hoek van Holland, Netherlands 57
18 June 2005 Netherlands def. Serbia 24–10 FK Radnički Stadium Belgrade, Serbia 74
29 June 2005 Netherlands def. Scotland 17–10 RC Sparta Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands 187
28 April 2006 Russia def. Netherlands 40–14 VV Hoekse Boys Hoek van Holland, Netherlands 250
26 May 2006 Georgia def. Netherlands 57–16 Locomotive Stadium Tblisi, Georgia 10,935
17 June 2006 Netherlands def. Serbia 38–26 Rotterdamse RC Beekweg Rotterdam, Netherlands 250
5 August 2006 Netherlands def. Czech Republic 34–28 Rotterdamse RC Beekweg Rotterdam, Netherlands 198
4 May 2013 Germany def. Netherlands 28–22 Heidelberg RFC Park Heidelberg, Germay 121
26 June 2013 Belgium def. Netherlands 22–6 Delft, Netherlands
3 May 2014 Germany def. Netherlands 70–16 Delft, Netherlands






Current Squad


  1. Thijs van der Zouwen
  2. Marijn Steenland
  3. Ben Dommershuijsen
  4. Patrick Neuteboom
  5. Jaco Pattikawa
  6. Uri Breman
  7. Gerbert van Bochove
  8. Bas Sibeijn
  9. Tui Boseniyasana
  10. Emerson de Werk
  11. Jorge Vazquez
  12. Timothy Ddumba
  13. Jason Brugyoms

Sub: Jan Harmen Fokkens, Bonne Wilce, Edson Evens, Paul Dirkzwager


This is a list of players that have played recently.[3]

Name Position Team Apps
Alan Barker Prop
Joel Barrett Fullback, Wing
Benjamin Blom (C) Five-eighth, Halfback
Cyril Breinburg Fullback, Wing
Reiner Breinburg Lock, Second-row
Jason Bruygoms Lock, Second-row
Justin De Hey Second-row, Prop
Aaron De Jager Centre, Five-eighth, Halfback
Raymond Den Englesman Second-row, Lock
Kees Foxon Centre, Wing
Vincent Grimbergen Second-row, Lock
Jamie Groeneweg Wing, Centre
Roland Haar Wing, Centre
Chris Hodgetts Hooker
Alex Hoogezand Lock, Second-row
James Howitt Second-row, Prop
Remco Vrasdonk Loose forward
Martijn Jonkers Second-row, Prop, Lock
Jonathan McKenzie Second-row, Prop
Jorik Moree Five-eighth, Halfback
Dayne Neirinckx Centre, Wing
Soerd Niebor Second-row, Prop
Rick Oakes Centre, Second-row
Phil Parkinson Prop
Johnny Qua Prop, Second-row
Dirk Schutt Hooker
Alex Smits Prop, Second-row
Rudy Stanford-Smyth Fullback, Halfback
Duncan Taylor Centre, Lock
Rhodri Thomas Loose forward
Nicholas Jones Second-row
Ronald van der Broek Centre, Second-row
Bernard van Holstein Prop, Second-row
Bevan Williams Second-row, Prop
Bevan Williamson Lock, Prop, Second-row
Andrew (Hippo) Newton Lock, Prop, Second-row

Notable players that have played for the Netherlands

Notable players of Dutch Heritage

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