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Nicolas Moreton (born 1961 in Watford, Hertfordshire) is a British artist. Predominantly a stone carver, two of his sculptures are in permanent public locations in Milton Keynes.[1] A National Stone Carving residency around four English cathedrals[2] during 2004 and 2005 visited Southwell Minster, Gloucester Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral and Manchester Cathedral and Moreton was in conversation with Brian Sewell in the BBC Radio 4 series on Divine Art[3] about the residency at Gloucester Cathedral.

Public works

The Conversation (1995), in bronze and Kilkenny limestone

The Meeting (1995), in Birds Eye Derbyshire Fossil limestone and bronze; both are situated in City Square, Milton Keynes.

The Eye and the Needle (2010), Corten Steel, granite, light; Mythholmroyd Market Square, Calderdale [4]

Portrait of Moreton

Moreton agreed to sit for Jon Edgar in Northamptonshire during 2006. A terracotta head[5] exists.


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