Nokia X1-01

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Nokia X1-01
Nokia X1-01 (used).jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
First released 2011
Type Basic phone
Form factor Bar
Dimensions 112.2 mm × 47.3 mm × 16 mm (4.42 in × 1.86 in × 0.63 in)
Weight 92 g (3.2 oz)
Memory 2 MB
Removable storage MicroSD (supported up to 16 GB)
Battery BL-5J 3.7 V 1320 mAh Li-Ion
Data inputs Keypad
Display 128×160 px
65536 colors
Other Built-in flashlight, MP3 player, FM radio

The Nokia X1-01 is an ultra-basic phone by Nokia for users in developing countries. It is a dual SIM phone.[1]


The phone runs on Li-ion battery which can last up to 42 days with the phone on standby.

The phone can play standard MP3 files with bitrate greater than 32 per second, with advertised 36 hours of battery life. It uses a microSD card for storage.


Each phone has 3 built in games. No additional games can be installed by the user.

The pre-installed games are:

  • Music League
  • Sudoku
  • Snake Xenzia


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