Omni Broadcasting Network

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Omni Broadcasting Network
Type Broadcast television network
Branding OMNI
Country United States
Availability National
Slogan Less Edge and More Entertaining
Area United States
Parent OBN Holdings
Established 2003
Dissolved 2013
Official website[dead link]
(Website is no longer online)

The Omni Broadcasting Network was a small over-the-air broadcast television network in the United States (not to be confused with the Canadian broadcast system Omni Television). The company's motto was "Less Edge and More Entertaining". Omni's flagship station was a low-power station.


Omni broadcast 60 hours of programming per week, 21 hours during prime time. The network primarily ran classic films, usually during late-night hours or on the weekends. Omni also offers a few original television series, "Thirteen O'Clock Theater", an umbrella title for old sci-fi and horror films in public domain shown at 1 a.m. ET. The network also showed older children's programming such as Birdz to meet E/I requirements.

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