Pacific Cup

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Pacific Cup
Sport Rugby league football
Instituted 1974
Ceased 2009
Replaced by Pacific International
Tournament Director Brian Canavan[1]
Number of teams  Cook Islands
 Papua New Guinea
Australian Aboriginal Flag.svg Australian Aborigines
Region Pacific region (RLIF)
Holders  Papua New Guinea (2009)
Most titles  Māori (4 titles)
Related competition Pacific International

The Pacific Cup is a rugby league football competition for national teams from the Pacific region.


The Pacific Cup was started in 1975 by Keith Gittoes of the New South Wales Rugby League.[2] It was held twice in the 1970s before being abandoned due to cost.

The competition was revived in 1986 by Peter Donnelly. This was a true Pacific Cup with Polynesian players playing for their true country of origin rather than for the NZ Maoris as had previously been the case . The competition was held biennially until the 1996 competition was postponed. Instead a 1996 Pacific Challenge was held. The Super League ran an Oceania Cup in 1997.

The Pacific Cup was revived by the New Zealand Rugby League once again in 2004, this time as a secondary competition to the Pacific Rim Championship. It was again held in February and March 2006 under NZRL administration, this time as a main competition.

In the post-2008 Rugby League World Cup shake up of the international calendar by the RLIF, it was confirmed that a Pacific Cup was to be held in 2009 with the winner of the tournament entering the 2010 Four Nations tournament.

The 2009 tournament was hosted by Papua New Guinea.[1] The competing teams were Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga.[1]


Eighteen teams from tem nations have taken part in the 12 Pacific Cup tournaments held to date:

Pacific Cup details

Year Host nation(s) Winner Score Runner-Up Other Participants
1975  Papua New Guinea  Māori 38 – 13  Papua New Guinea  Victoria,  Western Australia
1977  New Zealand  Māori 35 – 12  Western Australia  Victoria,  Northern Territory,
 Papua New Guinea
1986  Cook Islands  Māori 23 – 6  Western Samoa  Cook Islands,  Niue,
 Tonga,  Tokelau
1988  Samoa  Māori 26 – 16  Western Samoa  American Samoa,  Cook Islands,
 Tonga,  Tokelau
1990  Tonga  Western Samoa 26 – 18  Māori Australian Aboriginal Flag.svg Australian Aborigines,  Friendly Islands,
 Niue,  Papua New Guinea,
 Tonga,  Tokelau
1992  New Zealand  Western Samoa 18 – 14  Tonga Australian Aboriginal Flag.svg Australian Aborigines,  American Samoa,
 Cook Islands,  Fiji,
 Māori,  Niue,
 Norfolk Island,  Tokelau
1994  Fiji  Tonga 34 – 11  Fiji Australian Aboriginal Flag.svg Australian Aborigines,  American Samoa,
 Cook Islands,  Fijian Presidents XIII,
 Māori,  Niue,
Rotuma,  Western Samoa
as Pacific Challenge Series
No final played
 Cook Islands,  Fiji,
 Māori, New Zealand New Zealand XIII,
 Papua New Guinea,  Tonga,
 Western Samoa
as Oceania Cup
 New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand XIII 20 – 15  Māori  Cook Islands,  Fiji,
 Papua New Guinea,  Tonga
as Pacific Rim Championship
 New Zealand  Cook Islands 52 – 18  Māori  Fiji,  Niue,
 Samoa,  Tonga
2006  New Zealand  Tonga 22 –14  Fiji  Cook Islands,  Māori,
 Samoa,  Tokelau
2009  Papua New Guinea  Papua New Guinea 42 – 14  Cook Islands  Fiji,  Samoa,

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