Paul Greenberg (journalist)

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Paul Greenberg
Born January 21, 1937
Occupation Journalist, author
Employer Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Children Dan Greenberg

Paul Greenberg (born January 21, 1937) is an American syndicated columnist and author. He currently serves as the editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. His articles appear in various newspapers through Tribune Media Services syndicate. He won the annual Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing recognizing his 1968 work for the Pine Bluff Commercial (Pine Bluff, Arkansas), in 1969.[1][2] On September 27, 1980, then Arkansas Governor, and future president, Bill Clinton addressed the state convention and depicted himself as in the tradition of progressive governors in the state.[3] In response, Greenberg dubbed Clinton "Slick Willie" and alleged he was a false reformer who was abandoning the progressive policies of previous governors such as Winthrop Rockefeller, Dale Bumpers and David Pryor.[3] The phrase Slick Willie would go on to be frequently used by Clinton's opposition throughout his political career.[3]

He is the father of journalist Dan Greenberg.


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