People's Alliance (Bulgaria)

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People's Alliance
Народен сговор
Naroden Sgovor
Founded 1921
Dissolved 1923

The People's Alliance (Bulgarian: Народен сговор) was a Bulgarian party created on 14 October 1921 by a group of non-party university teachers. Among its founders were Aleksandar Grekov, Aleksandar Tsankov, Petko Staynov, Dimitar Mishaykov and others.

The purpose of the People's Alliance was to stop the growing influence of the leftists and the authoritarian rule of the Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union. After the government of Aleksandar Stamboliyski eliminated the leaders of the opposition Constitutional Bloc in the end of 1922 and the fraud of the 1923 elections, the leaders of the People's Alliance allied with the Military Union and the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization which was decisive for the 9 June coup d'état. After the coup the People's Alliance entered in the newly formed party Democratic Alliance.

The People's Alliance was sometimes called by its opponents the "Black Bloc" or the "Black Blood Bloc".[1]



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