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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Amoebozoa
Class: Tubulinea
Order: Tubulinida
Family: Amoebidae
Genus: Polychaos
Schaeffer, 1926[1]

Polychaos is an amoeboid genus in the Amoebozoa group.[2] Several characters unite the species in this genus. The pseudopods meld at their bases when the organism is moving, and have dorsal, longitudinal ridges. The nucleus is oval or ellipsoid.[3]


Polychaos includes the following species:[3]

  • Polychaos dubium (Schaeffer, 1916) (type species)
  • Polychaos fasciculatum (Penard, 1902)
  • Polychaos timidum Bovee, 1972
  • Polychaos nitidubium Bovee, 1970


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