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Credit: Livert
A 360 panorama of Rome taken from the top of St Peter's Basilica.

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The legal code regarding homosexuality in the Vatican City is based on the Italian penal code of 1929, the time of the founding of the sovereign state Vatican City. However, it was announced in late 2008 that the Vatican "will no longer automatically adopt new Italian laws as its own, a top Vatican official said, citing the vast number of laws Italy churns out, many of which are in odds with Catholic doctrine".[1]

There are no criminal laws against non-commercial, private, adult and consensual same-sex sexual activity.

The Vatican does not have its own separate criminal code...

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Credit: Pastor Theo

The Vatican post office has operated its own postal service and issued its own postage stamps since 1929.

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  1. Vatican ends automatic adoption of Italian law. Reuters. Retrieved on 26 October 2010.