Possible Peru Alliance

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Possible Peru Alliance
Alianza Electoral Perú Posible
Leader Alejandro Toledo
Founded 2010; 10 years ago (2010)
Headquarters Lima
Political position Centre-right
Colours      Green
21 / 130
Politics of Peru
Political parties

The Possible Peru Alliance (Spanish: Alianza Electoral Perú Posible) is an electoral alliance in Peru formed for the general election, 2011, dominated by the eponymous party Possible Peru and led by presidential candidate and ex-president Alejandro Toledo.

Constituent Parties

In the 2006 election, Popular Action and We Are Peru formed the Center Front (Frente del Centro) while Toledo's party PP contested separately.

In the congressional election on April 10, the alliance won 14.83% of the popular vote and 21 of 130 seats, enough to form the third largest group in parliament. In the elections for the five Peruvian members of the Andean Parliament, they won 14.78% and one representative: Javier Reátegui.

Presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo won 15.63% of the votes placing him fourth and not qualifying him for the run-off.

The Possible Peru Alliance has formed a majority coalition in Congress with Peru Wins, the left-wing Nationalists-dominated alliance of Ollanta Humala.[1] Therefore, Toledo suggested to vote for Humala in the second round on 5 June.[2]

Parliamentary Alliance

Twenty of the 21 representatives elected on the Possible Peru Alliance's lists have formed the Parliamentary Alliance (Spanish: Alianza Parlamentaria) group in Congress. Carlos Bruce, who had been expelled from Possible Peru for publicly criticising the party's coalition with Peru Wins, has joined the small oppositional, APRA-dominated group Parliamentary Coordination.


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