Republican News

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Irish Republican News
Irish Republican News
Type Weekly political newspaper
Publisher Irish Republican News
Political alignment Irish Republican, Socialism
Language English, Irish
Circulation 20,000

Republican News was a longstanding newspaper/magazine published by Sinn Féin. Following the split in physical force Irish republicanism in the late 1960s between the Officials (Official Sinn Féin — also known as Sinn Féin Gardiner Place — and the Official IRA) and the Provisionals (Provisional Sinn Féin — also known as Sinn Féin Kevin Street and now most commonly simply as Sinn Féin — and the Provisional IRA) Republican News was eclipsed by An Phoblacht, a new magazine launched by Provisional Sinn Féin in 1970.[citation needed] Actually "An Phoblacht" came first and then in early 1970, Joe Graham and Proinsias Mac Airt put together "The Republican News" and it functioned independently for quite a while. Joe only worked on three issues of it before starting "The Vindicator".[citation needed] Both magazines merged, under the name An Phoblacht/Republican News in 1979.[citation needed]


1970: Jimmy Steele[1]
1970: Proinsias Mac Airt[1]
1973: Leo Martin[1]
1974: Sean Caughey[1]
1975: Danny Morrison[1]


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