Sí Cumple

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Yes Keep
Sí Cumple
Presidential candidate Alberto Fujimori
President Martha Chávez
Founded 1998 (1998) (as VV)
2005 (2005) (as SC)
Dissolved 2010 (2010)
Split from Cambio 90
Merged into Popular Force
Headquarters Lima
Ideology Fujimorism
Political position Right-wing
National affiliation Peru 2000 (1999–05)
Alliance for the Future (2005–10)
International affiliation None
Politics of Peru
Political parties

The Yes Keep (Spanish: Sí Cumple, SC), until 1998 called Let's Go Neighbor (Spanish: Vamos Vecino, VV), was a political party of Peru founded by Alberto Fujimori in 1998 in order for the party to participate in that year's municipal elections. In 2005 it assumed its current name.

Its primary leader is Alberto Fujimori. Among its other leaders are Absalón Vasquez and its current Secretary General, Carlos Orellana Quintanilla.


In 2000, the party joined up with Cambio 90-Nueva Mayoría to form the Alianza Perú 2000 to support the presidential candidacy of Alberto Fujimori.

In this same year, due to internal conflicts and Fujimori's resignation, the alliance broke off. In 2001 it participated in the general elections as part of the Solución Popular alliance with Con Fuerza Perú. It participated only in municipal and regional elections in 2002.

In 2005, the organization changed its name to "Sí Cumple" and formed the "Alianza Sí Cumple", again with Cambio 90-Nueva Mayoría. However, the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones (National Jury of Elections) did not accept this change, and the alliance dissolved.

Afterwards, Cambio 90-Nueva Mayoría formed the "Alianza por el Futuro" (Alliance for the Future), but Sí Cumple maintained its independence. In the second week of December, 2005, at the National Congress of Sí Cumple, as well as that of the Alianza por el Futuro, Fujimori was selected as the presidential candidate for the general elections of 2006. They also selected Luisa María Cuculiza as their candidate for First Vice President, and lawyer Rolando Souza for Second Vice President. However, Fujimori is currently undergoing trial in Peru. Among the numerous charges, he's accused for the Barrios Altos and La Cantuta massacres.