Sadbhavana Party

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Sadbhavana Party
President Rajendra Mahato[1]
Secretary Manish Kumar Suman[2]
Founded 2007
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Right-wing
Constituent Assembly
6 / 601
Election symbol
File:Sadbhavana Party-electionsymbol2064.jpg
Politics of Nepal
Political parties

Sadbhavana Party is a political party in Nepal. The party emerged from a major split in the Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandidevi) in the summer of 2007.[3] Initially the party also used the name 'Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandidevi)', but the party was not recognised by the Election Commission of Nepal by that name. Rajendra Mahato, Minister for Industry and Commerce, resigned from the government in protest.[2] The party was later registered with the Election Commission of Nepal ahead of the 2008 Constituent Assembly election with its current name.[4]

Laxman Lal Karna is joint chair of the party.[2]