Shao-Jiang Min

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邵將 / 邵将
Native to Southern China
Region eastern Nanping Prefecture, Fujian
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Linguist list
Glottolog None
Min Dialects.png
Shao-Jiang Min (orange)

Shao–Jiang or Shaojiang Min (simplified Chinese: 邵将; traditional Chinese: 邵將; pinyin: Shàojiāng) is a collection of mutually intelligible dialects of Min Chinese centered on western Nanping in northwestern Fujian, specifically in the Nanping counties of Guangze, Shaowu, and western Shunchang and the northern Sanming county of Jiangle.

Shao-Jiang developed from Northern Min (Min Bei), and was deeply influenced by Gan Chinese and Hakka Chinese. The classification of Shao-Jiang is disputed. It is frequently classified as a dialect of Northern Min, sometimes it is excluded from Min and classified as Gan Chinese instead. But, it is mutually intelligible with neither other Northern Min nor other Gan. Actually, it's a collection of dialects which have limited mutual intelligibility with each other instead of a language. Some Chinese scholars call it Min-Gan dialects (闽赣方言), Min-Gan transition dialects (闽赣过渡方言) or Min-Hakka-Gan transition dialects (闽客赣过渡方言).