Skilling (currency)

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The skilling (pronounced approx. like English shilling) was the Scandinavian equivalent of the schilling or shilling. It was used as a subdivision of the Swedish riksdaler, the Danish rigsdaler, the Norwegian rigsdaler, and the Norwegian speciedaler.


From 1625 to 1873, one Danish skilling was equivalent to 196 of a rigsdaler. The word is still used colloquially for an unspecified but presumably low amount of money, sometimes modified to a very small amount ("lille skilling").


File:Skilling 1802, Nordisk familjebok.png
One Swedish skilling, 1802

During the 19th century, one Swedish skilling was equivalent to 148 of a riksdaler. It was in usage between 1776-1855.


One Norwegian skilling, 1816

One Norwegian skilling was from 1816 equivalent to 1120 of a speciedaler, before that 1120 of a rigsdaler specie, or 196 of a rigsdaler courant. It was introduced in Norway early 16th century and cancelled 1875.