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Sophia Zaikowska (born 1880 in Lituania - died 1939 in France) was a French individualist anarchist of Polish descent, a nutritionist and promoter of veganism.


Zaikowska studied physical and natural sciences in Geneva before moving to France in 1898. She specialized in nutrition[1]

Before the First World War, she contributed to different libertarian journals, such as L'Education libertaire, L'Autarcie, and, mostly, La Vie anarchiste, of which she became the editor in 1920.[2]

Interested by Georges Butaud's project of creating an anarchist colony, she became his partner and collaborator in 1921, in the journal Le Néo-Naturien.

She cofounded with him the free milieus of Vaux, Bascon and la Pie.[3]

The failures of these attempts at "libertarian colonies" did not end her activism. With her partner, she edited the journal Le Végétarien, which she managed from 1926.

She was passionate about the ideas of Victor Lorenc, a close friend of the couple, and organized the vegetarian kitchen in the Rue Mathis, in Paris and wrote the article on Veganism for Sébastien Faure's Anarchist Encyclopedia.


Her writings include:

  • A Study On Work (along with G. Butaud, 1912)
  • Victor Lorenc (1929)
  • Life and Death of Georges Butaud (1929)
  • "Veganism" (encyclopedia article, 1934)

Some of her texts were republished in such anthologies as:

  • Emilie Lamotte, Jeanne Morand, Sophie Zaïkowska, L'En-Dehors, Paris, 2005.
  • Communautés, naturiens, végétariens, végétaliens et crudivégétaliens dans le mouvement anarchiste français : textes, Invariance, Paris, 1994.


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