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Sound Quality[1] is a program on the ABC Radio National network, featuring new music, generally in the genres of electronica, but including other genres as well. Tim Ritchie is the producer and presenter of 'Sound Quality'.

Ritchie is an icon and prolific producer in the Australian radio broadcasting. He began his radio broadcasting career in 1976, when as a schoolboy, he rang ABC's Youth Radio Station Double J and gave a critique of the Double J presenter's performance. The presenter suggested that if Ritchie could do a better job, he should do the show the next day. Ritchie presented the next days breakfast program and this opportunity lead into his radio broadcasting career.

Tim Ritchie worked his way through a university degree while presenting mid-dawn shifts on Double Jay and then Triple J. He became a full-time presenter after he finished university.

Despite the fact that he still remains the highest ratings announcer Triple J has ever had, Ritchie clashed with management over musical direction and the ever-narrowing playlist. Eventually he parted company with Triple J in 1990. In 1992 ABC Radio National approached Ritchie to become their Music Director. Then in 1995, Ritchie started Sound Quality on Radio National. The program has always aimed to find new music and innovations in contemporary music. Never happy to replicate yesterday tomorrow, Ritchie has taken the path of challenging his audience with the unexpected. And in so doing, he has developed a loyal listenership and a reputation for not chasing popularism, but bringing in the new.

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