Stamford Senior Youth Theatre

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Stamford Senior Youth Theatre (SSYT)
Stamford Senior Youth Theatre Logo
Formation 09, 2007
Type Theatre group
  • Stamford
Artistic director(s)
Mary Benzies
Claudia Calardo
Notable members
Luke Pasqualino
Conor Baum
Andrew Leeks

Stamford Senior Youth Theatre "(SSYT)" is a theatre company based in Stamford.

The company devises and produces a new original performance annually, usually written by the company's artistic director. The company operates on a yearly timeline which runs from September to July. The devised performances are debuted in the resident theatre[1] and then toured throughout local schools and theatres. SSYT resides at the Stamford Arts Centre.

The company is a member of the National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT) and attends the Middlesbrough Youth Drama Festival annually.


Mary Benzies started running the Senior Youth Theatre in 2007, in the first year produced 'Multiplex' by Christopher William Hill about staff at a multiplex cinema. This was a massive success at the box office and got rave reviews from local news. This led to an increase of interest from young people who wished to get in to performing arts. Mary chose to audition members for the 2008 Group instead of just letting everybody join. This meant that only selected members who were interested and dedicated to producing innovative, creative theatre would be accepted, leading to a massive boost in the professionalism and standard or performance by the company.


SSYT is primarily funded by South Kesteven District Council and its company's members.

Company management

Artistic Directors

  • Mary Benzies
    Company Director (2007–Present)
  • Claudia Calardo
    Choreographer (2009–Present)

Creative Team

  • Adrian Hill
    Technical Director (2007–Present)

Notable Members

Previous notable members of SSYT:

Name Year Started Year Ended Characters played
Luke Pasqualino 2007 2008 Multiplex
Andrew Leeks [2] 2008 Present Multiplex
Dress up Day
'Talkease' - Simon
Conor Baum 2008 2010 Multiplex
Dress up Day
'Talkease' - Baron Armand Korkorai

Previous productions

  • Multiplex (2008)
By Christopher William Hill
  • DNA
Unknown Writer
  • Dress Up Day (2009)
By Mary Benzies
  • TalkEase (2010)
By Mary Benzies
  • Hang On (2011) [3]
By Mary Benzies
  • Torchbearer (2012)
By Mary Benzies


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