Tahir Muhammad Thattvi

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Mir Tahir Muhammad Ibn Hassan Sabzavari Tattavi was a Sindhi Muslim poet and historian during the rule of the Mughal Empire, who composed poetry under the pen-name Nisyani. His family emigrated to Thatta, Sindh from Iran. His original ancestral surname was Sabzavari. His father was a Sawar and the Mughal governor of Eastern Sindh and later Gujarat during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar.[1]

Including his talents as a poet, Tahir was also a historian he wrote the Garden of the Immaculate (Rawzat al-tahirin) completed (1014.AH/1606.AD) a large 36 chapter history of Sindh and the Muslim World), under the patronage of Mirza Ghazi Beg (r.1599-1609.AD/1008-1018.AH).[1]


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