Tahoera'a Huiraatira

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Popular Rally
Tāhōʻēraʻa Huiraʻatira
President Gaston Flosse
Founded 1977 (1977)
Split from Rally for the Republic
Headquarters Boîte postale 471, Papeete, Tahiti
Ideology Gaullism (historical)
Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation Union of Democrats and Independents
International affiliation None
Colours Orange
National Assembly
3 / 577
2 / 348
Assembly of French Polynesia
38 / 57
Official Website
Politics of French Polynesia
Political parties
File:Drapeau Tahoeraa.jpg
The party's flag.

Tāhōʻēraʻa Huiraʻatira (English: Popular Rally) is a political party in French Polynesia. At the last legislative elections on May 23, 2004, and by-elections on February 13, 2005, the party won 27 out of 57 seats.

Tāhōʻēraʻa Huiraʻatira is a large, conservative, pro-autonomy party and anti-independence party on French Polynesia. It was founded by Gaston Flosse, who supports French Polynesia's current autonomy arrangement with France and who led Tāhōʻēraʻa Huiraʻatira for over 20 years.

Gaston Tong Sang was the party's presidential candidate in the election of March 2005, but was defeated by Oscar Temaru by 29 votes to 26. On 26 December 2006, Tong Sang was elected President of French Polynesia. He fell to a no-confidence vote on 31 August 2007, and Temaru was elected again on 14 September 2007. Tong Sang then split from his former party to found a new party called O Porinetia To Tatou Ai'a.

The party is backed by most non-Polynesian settlers (Europeans and Asians) in French Polynesia; nonetheless the party must rely on Polynesian support to win elections, as they make up 70% of the territory's population.

The party elected two deputies to the French National Assembly in 2007.

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