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Design guideline

The template has a standard design guideline to organize articles with a parent/child relationship consistently.

  • Age (gray, centered, bold, collapsable)
  •  Period (gray, left-aligned, bold)
  •   Primary article (black, left-aligned, bold) – usually refers to a state
  •    Sub-article (black, left-aligned) – usually refers to a dynasty or an event
  •     Sub-article 2 (black, left-aligned)

Dates can be added to the Primary Article and the Sub-articles, and are gray, right-aligned and small.


This template has been designed so that it can be used both in articles that adopt the BC/AD date notation and those that adopt the BCE/CE date notation without forcing some articles to have inconsistent style.

It will display BCE/CE notation unless the template gives the parameter BC a value. For instance {{History of Armenia}} will give BCE/CE notation, {{History of Armenia|BC=1}} will give BC/AD notation.

It can be edited as normal, but with the following exception:

  • Instead of writing BCE or BC write {{#if: {{{BC|}}}|BC|BCE}}
  • Instead of writing CE or AD write {{#if: {{{BC|}}}|AD|CE}}

This functionality is necessitated by the Wikipedia:Manual of Style requirement that BC-AD and BCE-CE do not both appear in the same article.

Collapsable list option

This template is a sidebar with collapsible lists. By default, all lists are collapsed. To show all lists expanded, use {{History of Armenia|expanded=all}}.
To show one particular list expanded while the others remain collapsed, use {{History of Armenia|expanded=ageN}} where N represents an age (for example, the list named Antiquity is age2). The names can be changed in the template by editing the listNname tag.

This option can be used with the previous BCE/BC or CE/AD feature like this: {{History of Armenia|expanded=age1|BC=1}}.

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