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Ancestral taxa
Superdomain: Neomura [Taxonomy; edit]
Domain: Eukaryota [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Unikonta [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Opisthokonta [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Holozoa [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Filozoa [Taxonomy; edit]
Kingdom: Animalia [Taxonomy; edit]
Subkingdom: Eumetazoa [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Bilateria [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Nephrozoa [Taxonomy; edit]
Superphylum: Deuterostomia [Taxonomy; edit]
Phylum: Chordata [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Craniata [Taxonomy; edit]
Subphylum: Vertebrata [Taxonomy; edit]
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Eugnathostomata [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Teleostomi [Taxonomy; edit]
Superclass: Tetrapoda [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Reptiliomorpha [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Amniota [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Sauropsida [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Archosauria [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Avemetatarsalia [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Ornithodira [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Dinosauromorpha [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Dinosauriformes [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Dinosauria [Taxonomy; edit]
Order: Ornithischia [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Genasauria [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Neornithischia [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Cerapoda [Taxonomy; edit]
clade: Marginocephalia [Taxonomy; edit]
Suborder: Ceratopsia [Taxonomy; edit]
Infraorder: Neoceratopsia [Taxonomy; edit]
Parvorder: Coronosauria [Taxonomy; edit]
Superfamily: Ceratopsoidea [Taxonomy; edit]
Family: Ceratopsidae [Taxonomy; edit]
Subfamily: Chasmosaurinae [Taxonomy; edit]
Tribe: Triceratopsini [Taxonomy; edit]
Genus: Eotriceratops [Taxonomy; edit]

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Parent: Triceratopsini (Taxonomyedit)
Rank: genus (displays as Genus)
Link: †Eotriceratops (links to Eotriceratops)
Extinct: true
Always displayed: Yes (major rank)
Taxonomic references:
Parent's taxonomic references:
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