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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Firmicutes
Class: Thermolithobacteria Sokolova et al. 2007
Order: Thermolithobacterales Sokolova et al. 2007
Family: Thermolithobacteraceae Sokolova et al. 2007
Genus and species

Thermolithobacteria is a class of rod-shaped Gram-positive bacteria within phylum Firmicutes. Species within this class are thermophilic lithotrophs isolated from sediment in Calcite Springs in Yellowstone National Park.[1][2] Thermolithobacter ferrireducens strain JW/KA-2(T) metabolism consists of the oxidation of hydrogen gas and reduction of ferric oxide to magnetite. Thermolithobacter carboxydivorans strain R1(T) is hydrogenic and oxidizes carbon monoxide.[1]


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