Titan IIIA

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Titan IIIA
Titan IIIA.jpg
Launch of the first Titan IIIA
Function Prototype expendable launch system
Manufacturer Martin Marietta
Country of origin USA
Height 42 metres (138 ft)
Diameter 3.05 metres (10.0 ft)
Mass 161,730 kilograms (356,550 lb)
Stages 3
Payload to LEO 3,100 kilograms (6,800 lb)
Associated rockets
Family Titan
Launch history
Status Retired
Launch sites LC-20, Cape Canaveral
Total launches 4
Successes 3
Failures 1
First flight 1 September 1964
Last flight 6 May 1965
First stage
Engines 2 LR87-11
Thrust 2,340 kilonewtons (530,000 lbf)
Specific impulse 302 sec
Burn time 147 seconds
Fuel A-50/N2O4
Second stage
Engines 1 LR91-11
Thrust 454 kilonewtons (102,000 lbf)
Specific impulse 316 sec
Burn time 205 seconds
Fuel A-50/N2O4
Third stage - Transtage
Engines 2 AJ10-138
Thrust 71 kilonewtons (16,000 lbf)
Specific impulse 311 sec
Burn time 440 seconds
Fuel A-50/N2O4

The Titan IIIA or Titan 3A was an American expendable launch system, launched four times in 1964 and 1965,[1] to test the Transtage upper stage which was intended for use on the larger Titan IIIC. The Transtage was mounted atop two core stages derived from the Titan II. The Titan IIIA was also used as the core of the Titan IIIC.

The Titan IIIA made its maiden flight on 1 September 1964, but the Transtage failed to pressurise, resulting in a premature cutoff, and failure to reach orbit.[2] A second test on 10 December was successful. Two further launches occurred in 1965 with Lincoln Experimental Satellites, before the Titan IIIA was retired.

Launch history

Date/Time (GMT) S/N Payload Outcome Remarks
1 September 1964
3A-2[1] N/A Failure Transtage test flight
Transtage failed to pressurise
10 December 1964
3A-1[1] N/A Successful Transtage test flight
11 February 1965
3A-3[1] LES-1 Successful
6 May 1965
3A-4[1] LES-2/LCS-1 Successful


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