Crimes Committed by Transgender People

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Activists promote the belief that transgender people i.e. those who falsify their sex, are victims of frequent violence and are an oppressed, persecuted social group. However, statistics give a very different picture. Transgender people are no more likely to be murdered or attacked than the rest of the population. In fact, they are far more likely to carry out violent crimes, including murder. Some of the worst serial killers in criminal history have been transgenders.

When transgender people do get killed, there is often distorted reporting, presuming that prejudice against their transgender status was necessarily the motive, and trying to suggest that transgenders are killed at a rate above the average, which is not true. Activists also claim that there are many unreported crimes, but there is no reason to believe this.

In the USA, 17,250 murders took place in 2016, out of which only 22 were of transgenders. Few if any cases could be attributed to their transgender status. Most victims are men passing as women and most of the killers thought they were killing a woman. In 2018, 26 murders of transgender people were reported, but this is still less than one-sixth of 1%. [1]

Transgender people carry out an alarming number of violent crimes. [2]


How Transgender Facilitates Crime

By legally changing their identity, name and appearance, a convicted criminal can put people off their guard. If the law allows them to destroy all their past records, it becomes impossible to establish their true history and prosecute them for past crimes. A steadily growing percentage of convicted criminals are taking advantage of these laws. Matthew Harks, a convicted serial pedophile in Ontario. Canada, changed his name to "Madilyn" and started to identify as a woman in 2018. He admitted to victimizing as many as 60 children, and keeping “trophies” such as underwear. [3]

Violence of Transgender Political Movement

The transgender political movement is characterized by the same sort of violence and aggression as the entire LGBT movement. In New Zealand in 2012, feminist academic Germaine Greer was glitter-bombed by activists accusing her of "transphobia" [4]

In Canada in March 2017, a lecture at McMaster University given by Professor Jordan Peterson, an academic who objects to legal compulsion in using whatever gender pronoun a person demands, trans-activists invaded the room and shouted him down, with blow horns and microphones, amplifying the yells of “transphobic piece of s--t” and “go home, Peterson”. A commentator described this as "Disgusting. Embarrassing. Flagrant and abhorrent... callous, anti-scientific, anti-free speech, illiberal conduct." [5]

In the UK, people who attempted to take part in a public consultation about changes to gender recognition law in 2018 were met with tactics such as physical violence, obstruction of meetings, bomb-threats, death-threats, rape-threats, stalking, denunciation to their employers, the removal of their posters, menacing graffiti daubed on buildings, mass-reporting to silence them on social media, and prosecutions for merely expressing their views. Trans-activists tried to curb free speech on the website by approaching its advertisers and trying to persuade them to withdraw their contracts. [6]

Many trans-activists and trans-groups openly advocate violence against anyone who disagrees with their ideas. This is a statement by Action for Trans Health, an Edinburgh-based group in UK, defending the violent attacks on women carried out by trans-activists such as Tara Wolf.

Trans group advocating violence.jpg

In London on 19 October 2018 trans-activists let off a smoke bomb outside the offices of the Metro newspaper in protest for it carrying advertisements for both sides in the consultation. They insisted only their views had a right to be heard. The incident was reported those inside the building and by Jim Waterson, a journalist of the leftwing pro-LGBT Guardian newspaper.

Trans smoke bomb reported by Jim Waterson.png

The trans mob then blocked both exits from the building to obstruct people from leaving.

Trans smoke bomb building blocked.png

Murders Committed by Transgenders

Colorado School Shooting 2019

The shooting of eight students in a STEM school in Denver Colorado in May 2019 was carried out by a homosexual Devon Erickson and his transgender partner. Maya alias Alec McKinney is shown by social media to be in a relationship with Devon Erickson. The pair are LGBT-rights-activists who hate Christians and President Trump. The two gunmen “called for more support for LGBT youth”. One of the victims, Kendrick Castillo, 18, died of gunshot wounds. [7]

Andrew "Andrea" Balcer 2019

Transgender born male, passing as female, fatally stabbed both his parents in Maine, and also killed the family pet dog, for barking too loudly. He has been sentenced to 40 imprisonment. His lawyer tried to excuse the crime by arguing that Balcer was "dealing with her transition from male to female in isolation and without family support at the time of the killings" on 31 October 2016. He claimed that there had been "years of abuse" from his parents who did not understand his problems. But his elder brother denied that his parents, Alice and Antonio Balcer, had ever been harsh to Andrew, said his excuses were "flimsy", and urged the judge to be firm. "In my view, all leniency does is put a remorseless murderer back on the street." And the murdered woman's brother said the parents had not been intolerant about gender ID change. "There was no hatred. There was no malice. There was no ill will. There was resignation to be sure but ultimately there was acceptance," he said. [8] [9]

Glenn Dibley alias "Caressa Jill Hardy"

Caressa Jill Hardy.jpg

Dibley is charged in Missoula, Montana, with the murder of his two flatmates, Thomas Korjack and Robert Orozco in 2013 in Frenchtown. He is also under investigation for the suspected murder of several key witnesses who have disappeared. The prosecution has postponed the trial so that forensic tests can be carried out on human bones found in a fire pit and dumpsite in 2017 and 2018. [10]

Karl "Evie" Amati 2017

Karl Amati, 25, a transgender who had adopted the female name of "Evie" carried out a premeditated violent axe-attack on three strangers in a convenience store in Sydney, Australia in January 2017. He struck his victims in the head and was heard laughing as he did so. Previously he had written on his Facebook page, “humans are only able to destroy or hate so that is what I shall do”, and at 1.13am on January 7, also sent a Facebook message saying “one day I am going to kill a lot of people”. [11] He got nine years but will be eligible for parole after only two. [12]

Beate Schmidt

Serial killer, born Wolfgang Schmidt, 1966. Germany. See Beate Schmidt

Paul/Paula Denyer

Serial killer, born Paul Charles Denyer, 14 April 1972. Australia. See Paul Denyer

Noel/Maddison Crompton Hall

He was sentenced to 22 years for the 1987 murder of a hitchhiker in Australia. Once in prison, Hall began claiming to be a woman. The authorities moved him to a women's prison in August 1999. After three months Hall was charged with raping his cellmate. Numerous other female prisoners accused him of sexual assaults. He may even have impregnated one of the women prisoners.[13]

Shawn Vincent Boniello 2018

Shawn Vincent Boniello alias Shayla Angeline Boniello, a man passing as a woman, was convicted of killing a baby girl aged 20 months in Rockdale, Texas. The child was left in his care and later found beaten to death. [14]

Snochia Moseley 2018

Shot dead three people at the Rite Aid warehouse in a business park in Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland on 20 September 2018. He injured three others before turning the 9 mm Glock handgun, which he had registered and legally purchased, on himself. Authorities and court records identified Moseley as female, as did a Facebook profile in his name. But in Facebook messages Moseley described himself as transgender. [15] [16]

Nasim Aghdam 2018

In April 2018 Nasim Najafi Agdam, an Iranian-born male who identified as a woman, stormed into the YouTube offices in California and shot one man and two women. Aghdam, 39, then killed himself. The motive was rage about the way that his videos had been taken down or restricted. "Nasim" is a man's name. He was six feet tall and his thyroid can be clearly seen in photographs. [17]

Nasim Aghdam.jpg

Dana Rivers 2016

Dana Rivers (formerly David Warfield) a noted transgender activist, murdered a lesbian couple Patricia Wright & Charlotte Reed, and their adult son Benny Diambu-Wright in Oakland, California in November 2016.[18]

Dana Rivers, rose to national prominence in 1999 when he was removed from his tenured teaching position as an IT instructor at Center High School in Sacramento following allegations that he inappropriately over-shared personal information with students following his on-the-job gender transition.

Rivers was subsequently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, among other national media. He planned on writing a book and selling a movie version of his life story. With the help of an ACLU attorney Rivers negotiated a $150,000 buy-out of his tenured position and resigned. He discussed his decision in an interview with GenderPAC here: [19] As an LGBT activist, he used the Twitter name @latitude3749

Zachary McClimans 2016

Zachary T. McClimans, 22, a man identifying as a woman, shot his co-worker in a Walmart store in Mercer, Arizona. He shot Jayson Hall four times then went to his car in the parking lot where police found him with a .38 caliber pistol. In June 2018 he was sentenced to a term of minimum 18 years in jail. Although he had only recently decided to adopt a female identity and chosen the name Claire Wolfever, the newspapers described him as a "Sharon woman". [20] [21] [22]

Curtis “Moka” Dawkins 2015

Curtis “Moka” Dawkins, a man identifying as a woman, fatally stabbed a man in a Toronto apartment in 2015. Dawkins, 27, was using a website called “” in the summer of 2015 to advertise sexual services. Through this website, he met Jamie Foster, 27, in early July 2015. Roughly four weeks later, Dawkins fatally stabbed Foster in his Rose Ave. apartment. [23]

Claire/Christopher Darbyshire 2015

Convicted of murdering his father by suffocation at their home in Wykeham Green, Dagenham, London UK. Christopher aged 36 had complained to friends of the burden of caring for his father, 67, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. He changed his name to Claire by deed poll in 2008, but had no GRC so remained legally male. [24]

Alhan Khan 2015

Male who identified as female, confessed to murdering a man, Rashid Balloch, in Karachi. Khan and an accomplice tied the victim up with ropes and beat him to death, then put his body in a suitcase and dumped it in a park. Khan confessed to previously blackmailing Balloch.[25]

Peter Laing alias "Paris" Green 2013

Peter Laing alias "Paris" Green was one of three homosexuals in Scotland who murdered an innocent man, Robert Shankland over a quarrel about a bag of chips. They lured him to their home, where was tied up with torn bedding, battered, kicked and attacked with a rolling pin. A ligature was tied around his neck and a plastic bag pulled over his head. Mr Shankland, who suffered from a heart disease, died either by suffocation or blunt force injuries. As he lay dying, the killers ate ham sandwiches which they paid for by selling their victim’s mobile phone. Because Laing identified as a woman he was sent to Cornton Vale women's prison. [26]

Douglas alias "Donna" Perry 2012

Doug Perry

Donna Perry, 62, has been identified as a serial killer using DNA evidence to solve three murders committed in Washington State in 1990. He told police in 2012 in an affidavit filed in Spokane Superior Court that the crimes were committed by "Douglas" not "Donna". Perry had gender reassignment surgery in Thailand in 2000. In 1998, Perry served 18 months in an Oregon prison. His cell mate told Washington detectives that Perry confessed to killing nine people.[27]

Senthooran Kanagasingham 2010

Senthooran Kanagasingham, alias "Nina" a man identifying as a female, was convicted of the manslaughter of lawyer David "Sonia" Burgess in London in 2010. Kanagasingham was in a relationship with Burgess, 63, who lived a double life, using male and female identities. Though married with children, Burgess advertised himself as female prostitute on websites. He was pushed under tube train at Kings Station underground station by Kanagasingham, aged 35, who was convicted of manslaughter with diminished responsibility because he told the court he was undergoing sex "transition". Burgess who was acting as his lawyer had done considerable favors for Kanagasingham.[28]

Mark Jones alias "Karen" Jones alias "Karen Louise" Lawson

Convicted in Manchester, England for killing his first, male partner, Michael Cutler in 2000. The motive was that Cutler had refused to pay for sex change treatment. Jones admitted killing Cutler but claimed "loss of control", served only half his five-year sentence for manslaughter and within days of release had carried out a violent rape on a young woman in a shop. He claimed it was so he could return to prison and get sex-change treatment at the tax-payer's expense. It is reported that he succeeded in both aims, was transferred to a women's prison, and then released using a female identity. [29]

Tyler Holder

Tyler Holder, a cross-dressing teenage male, abducted, raped, and murdered a six year old girl in Dallas, Texas, in July 2013. After he raped little Alanna Gallagher, of Saginaw, he wrapped her head in plastic bags and smothered her, then threw her body away with the trash. Holder also shot an Arlington police officer on the day of his arrest. He pleaded guilty and got a life sentence plus 40 years. [30][31]

Khaled Farhan 1999

Known as the "butcher of Gatineau", Canada, Khaled alias "Zahra" Farhan murdered his girlfriend, Karina Janveau, by stabbing her multiple times. When neighbors complained of the smell coming from the basement flat where the body was decomposing, he chopped her up with a kitchen knife and dumped the parts in a rubbish heap and a field. When the remains were discovered, he feigned concern and appeared on TV appealing for help to find her killer. Karina's elder sister Guylaine was one of the police who discovered the body parts. After sitting through the 6-week trial, she committed suicide. Khaled got a life sentence, and was sent to a men’s prison where he was put in solitary confinement in 2010 after sending sexually inappropriate letters to guards. At some point, Farhan, who is an immigrant from Kuwait, began identifying as a woman, and was subsequently sent to a women’s prison, after expressing concerns about HIMSELF being at risk in the men’s prison. In March 2019 he was released on parole, and has legally changed his name to Zahra Farhan.[32][33] [34]

Other Notable Violent Crimes

Transgenders are unstable people who frequently need psychiatric treatment and commit high rates of assault and rape. They are often given lenient treatment by the justice system simply because they are transgender.

Transgender Attacked Woman Speaker at Feminist Meeting

On March 8th 2019 a rally was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina to mark International Women's Day. A feminist speaker was talking on the subject of the harms of prostitution. A man who passes as a woman disagreed with what she was say, got angry and violently attacked her. He can be seen in the 2 videos embedded in this article, lunging forward and grabbing her by the neck. He is the figure in the white T-shirt, much taller and broader than any of the women, and carrying a back-pack. [35]

Transgender Father in Quebec raped own daughter

A man in Quebec who assumed a female identity was found guilty in 2019 of sexually abusing his own daughter when she was aged only three. The girl's mother found out about it three years later when the girl told her. The perpetrator cannot be named in order to protect the identity of his daughter, but he is a 33-year-old male who now passes as a woman. He got an eighteen-month sentence. [36]

Toni Fly, 2018

William Anthony Fly, 49, jailed for long-term sexual abuse and rape of an underage girl, in Fargo, North Dakota, decided to identify as a "woman". He wrote letters to the jail bosses complaining that he was not provided with women's underwear and tampons. He also demanded that he be moved to a women's prison and said his rights were being breached. [37]

Christopher "Tiffany" Moore

A 6 foot 1 inch tall transgender who protested vociferously when called "Sir" in a Gamestop store in Albuqueque in December 2018. He launched into a furious rant, shouting "It's Ma'am!" and suggested the store assistant fight him outside to settle any disagreement. After losing his temper he stormed out, kicking over a display of store merchandise. He then alerted transgender support groups and issued a bunch of complaints on the internet including a video in which he claimed to be the victim of unjust discrimination. He was soon afterwards identified as Christopher Moore, a man with a long list of criminal convictions, mostly for armed robbery.[38] [39]

Christopher Moore.jpg

David Challenor 2018

British man convicted of imprisoning, torturing and raping a 10-year-old girl in the attic of his house in Coventry, England. He raped her while dressed as a small girl himself and used the name "Lucy" a transgender identity. [40] [41] [42]

London Gang 2018

A gang of three men who identify as women carried out a brutal attack in Leicester Square tube station, central London on 24 June 2018. Tylah-Jo Bryan, Michael O’Docherty — who uses the name Tamzin Lush — and Amarnih Lewis-Daniel drunkenly assaulted a young man at 2.15am. The victim, aged 19, had to be treated in hospital. The incident was captured on CCTV and was reported in the media as being done by women. [43]

Bryan Matthew alias “Lacey” Otero

One of a gang of three men in Kansas convicted in 2018 of abducting, torturing and raping a 14-year-old girl and using her to make pornographic videos. The girl was abducted from Indiana and held captive in an apartment in Clermont County, Cincinnati, for several weeks. There she was subjected to “degrading and humiliating” BDSM treatment. She was used as a "sex slave". The others convicted were Eric Zyn Ho, Otero's homosexual partner, and Ian Nathanial Smith. Otero got ten years and Ho thirty. [44]

Callum Hughes 2018

Callum Hughes, aged 20, a man who identifies as a woman, carried out a brutal attack on both his parents in Wrexham, Wales UK in June 2018. He hit his mother six times across the head and dragged her upstairs by her hair. A portion of her scalp was pulled out and the hair will never grow back again. Callum also violently attacked his father with a boot. He was later spared a jail sentence because he was "struggling with gender identification issues". [45]

Richard Grattage alias Vicky Green

Convicted serial rapist, caught attempting it again in Scotland, 2018.

Richard Grattage.jpg

Grattage was first remanded to a women’s prison HMP Cornton Vale to await trial, even though he does not have a gender recognition certificate. However after a public outcry in September 2018 he was transferred to a men's prison. [46]

Tara Wood 2017

Tara Flik Wood, real name Tanis Oscar Jabob Wolf, born male 1990, is a transgender activist in UK who beat up a woman at a feminist meeting at Speaker's Corner in central London in September 2017. He does not have a Gender Recognition certificate and is therefore legally male. Before the event he wrote on his Facebook page "I want to f-ck up some terfs". He and his transgender associates dressed in black with leather boots, attacked the meeting to break it up, and punched one woman, 60-year-old Maria MacLachlan, to the ground. His gang kicked her and grasped her by the neck, breaking her camera. He was convicted of assault and jailed. “I witnessed it,” wrote Times columnist Janice Turner. “A young, angry 6ft-plus hooded person punched her around the face. After the verdict, police warned Ms MacLachlan’s supporters not to leave court because masked activists were waiting outside.” [47] [48] A video is online here [49]

Michael "Lauren" Jeska

Lauren Jeska

English athlete born male 1975. In 2017, he was jailed for 18 years for attacking three men with a knife and attempting to murder them. Jeska won several titles as a runner, by the simple expedient of competing as a woman. In 2016 he pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of UK Athletics official and former professional rugby player Ralph Knibbs at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium in March 2016. Knibbs, 51, who was head of human resources and welfare at the governing body had told Jeska he had failed to provide blood samples to prove his testosterone levels met requirements for transgender status. Jeska planned to murder Knibbs in revenge and went to the stadium armed with two knives. He carried out a ‘frenzied attack’ on Mr Knibbs. [50] [51]

"Tara" Hudson

Tara Hudson British man with eight criminal convictions mostly for battery and assault. In 2015, Hudson was convicted of assaulting a bartender in Bristol, UK. Hudson knocked the man's front teeth out. The victim needed dental surgery costing £1,500 because of the attack. Hudson who earns his living posing as a woman for soft porn, committed the offence while on a conditional discharge for another conviction.[52]

Tyqwon Eugene Welch 2015

Male>female transgender committed arson attack on San Francisco home of Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, a long-time specialist in transgender facial feminization surgery. Welch, one of many disgruntled transgender clients of the doctor, was convicted of attempted murder. [53]

Dana McCallum 2014

"Dana" McCallum, alias Contreras, previous name Dan, is a male Twitter engineer who was convicted in 2014 for assaulting, raping and trespassing on his former wife. He carried out the rape when all three children were in the house in San Francisco, California. McCallum, who has claimed to be a social justice warrior in the past, and calls himself an LGBT activist, pleaded guilty to five charges. He got no custodial sentence, pleading the psychological stress of his transition. [54] McCallum has been credited with shaping Twitter's policy on regarding all gender-critical posts as "hate-speech".

Austin Christopher Wikels 2014

Transvestite “Gina Gessner” from Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, took part in the serious sexual assault of a woman in a hotel room. [55]

Gary "Carrie" Cooper 2012

Child rapist in England born male 1966. Multiple charges and convictions. Held in Littlehey men's prison but now identifies as a woman. On trial for further charges relating to previous crimes. [56]

Kristopher Lawless

Convicted in Bakersfield, California, 2012, of torture and attempted murder of a woman. He was dressed in women's clothing when he carried out the crime.[57]

Gary Dean Marie alias "Marie" Dean 2009

A man with a long history as a sex offender in UK. He has 60 convictions for breaking into the homes and bedrooms of teenage girls by night, dressing up in their underwear & filming himself masturbating. The judge said this behavior had had a profoundly shocking effect on the victims. He also assaulted three policemen using CS gas. [58] In a man's prison he started to "identify" as a woman and although he didn't have a GRC there was a campaign by LGBT activists in 2017 to get him transferred to a woman's prison. He went on hunger-strike to get attention. The petition, and the report in Pink News, simply described him as a burglar, concealing the aspect of risk to women. [59]

Madilyn Rebecca Harks alias Matthew Ralf Harks 2007

Male pedophile convicted of raping and assaulting victims as young as 7. Now passes as a "woman". [60]

Frank/Kellie Maloney 2005

Former UK boxing promoter, born 1956, who has admitted trying to strangle his wife Tracey in 2005. Only the fact that they were interrupted by their children entering the room prevented him from killing her. Maloney has also admitted to committing other strangulation attempts on colleagues at work. In 2014 he started to identify as a woman and changed his name to Kellie. [61] [62]

Louis/Lisa Massei

Born male, convicted in 1981 of taking part in the kidnapping and violent gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 25 years for attempted murder, rape, sodomy and unlawful imprisonment. In jail he decided to adopt a female identity and changed his name to Lisa.He and an assortment of other dangerous violent criminals are now suing because they were transferred to mental institutions after leaving jail. [63]

Sydney Earl Sezer a.k.a. Lisa Summers

Summers is a 57-year-old man in Portland, Oregon, convicted of raping and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl over a period of a year. He was jailed for 8 years for multiple offences against her including first-degree sodomy. After leaving jail he decided to transition to "female" and set up a Crowdfunder to finance his re-assignment, plus extensive cosmetic surgery. He did not say on the Crowdfunder site that he was a convicted pedophile. He now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. [64]

Dean "Nadine Natasha" Williams

Williams, a transgender man who goes by the name of Nadine Natasha Williams, met a woman in a pub in Wales UK, in 2011 and invited her to go and see his collection of women's clothes and shoes. He told her he was transgender and she said she would be supportive about this. However, he then took her to what the prosecution described as a "sex dungeon" containing BDSM equipment, where he forced her to have sex, also committing two other acts of assault by penetration. She fled and charged him with rape. Although police confirmed that her body had many scratches and bruises. Williams claimed the sex was consensual and the court in Swansea did not convict him. [65] [66] [67]

Transgenders Who Deceive Heterosexual Men

There are male>female transgenders who specialize in seducing heterosexual men and sometimes expect payment. This can lead to retaliatory attack from the man who has been deceived, but such incidents should never be categorized as "transphobia". Using deception to obtain a sexual partner or client is in fact a form of rape. [68]

Bryan Deneumostier/Susan Leon

Bryan Deneumostier, from Miami, Florida, duped 150 men into performing sex acts with him and videoed them for porn. The victims were told they were meeting a heterosexual woman and were blindfolded. Deneumostier then uploaded the videos to a porn site StraightBoyz that features heterosexual men to gratify homosexuals. The federal court in Miami heard how the defendant went by the username susanleon33326 online, posing as a “real, heterosexual female” in Craigslist adverts which invited men for sex at his house near Homestead Reserve Air Base. [69]

Transgenders Who Display Other Disturbed Patterns of Behavior

Sean Paul Gossman

Gossman, aged 24, male of Onstead Michigan, was convicted of owning over 1,000 extreme child pornography images, found on a thumb-drive. The images included young children being raped, tortured or hanged. He turned up in court dressed as a woman with lipstick and a red wig, and admitted the item belonged to him. He got seven years, and complained that he would find it distressing to be placed in a man's prison. [70] [71]

Jon Paul Neumann alias Chloe Sagal

A video games designer who became mentally ill and committed suicide in Portland, Oregon in 2018. [72] In 2016 he tried to raise money for sex-change surgery by crowdfunding and stated that he needed life-saving medical treatment. But when it emerged that he had no physical disease, the website @indiegogo closed down the appeal. [73] Neumann became notorious for sending death threats to other people on Twitter and was banned from it before finally tragically ending his own life.

Clayton Palmer

Clayton James Palmer alias "Sienna Fox" a male prostitute in Perth, Australia was convicted in 2018 of causing grievous bodily harm to a client he infected with HIV. Palmer advertised for clients online claiming he was female. In 2014 he was tested positive for HIV but refused treatment and continued to advertise for male clients. One who had unprotected relations with Palmer multiple times in 2014 and 2015, was diagnosed with HIV in September 2015. Palmer denied knowing he had HIV but medical records proved he had been informed. The judge commented that he had shown "a breathtaking disregard for the life and health of another human being" and ordered that he should be sent to a men's prison. Palmer wished to be placed in a women's prison, although he has not been castrated and merely adopted female clothing. [74]

Paul "Stephonknee" Wolscht

A man in Canada who decided at the age of 46 to leave his wife and seven children and identify as a 6-year-old girl. He now lives with another couple with both of whom he has a sexual, quasi-pedophile, relationship. He was married for 23 years before deciding to go transgender. He takes no financial responsibility for his seven children. [75] In 2009 Wolscht was found guilty of several charges of assault, and criminal harassment with threat against his wife. He has been arrested several times since then and publishes obscene material on websites. He then worked as a transgender activist in Toronto until he was dismissed for being "deeply narcissistic and self-absorbed". The couple he lives with describe themselves as polyamorous bisexual nudists.[76]

Christopher Noble a.k.a. Christyl Knight

Christopher Noble a.k.a. Christyl Knight.jpg

Jailed in Scotland for possession of 4,200 extreme pedophile pornographic videos and images, including some of babies being raped. He was found to be distributing these images on the internet and taking part in online discussion with other pedophiles about sharing children to abuse. While in jail he adopted a female identity, getting transgender treatment at the expense of the public, enabling him to cover up his criminal past. He told journalists, "I can’t help being transgender. I’ve realised since I was about 13."[77]

"Katie" Dolatowski

Dolatowski, a man who pretends to be a woman, sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in the toilets of Morrisons supermarket, Kirkcaldy, Scotland in 2018. He grabbed the terrified youngster by the face, shoved her into the cubicle and ordered her to remove her trousers. Yet he was only given a sentence of community service, not jail. A month earlier, Dolatowski had filmed a 12-year-old girl on the toilet in another supermarket in Dunfermline. When she came out of her cubicle, Dolatowski shoved her back in and told her there was a man outside who would kill her mother. [78]


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