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Transphobia (or much less commonly transprejudice) is a bogus term used by activists to condemn all those people who refuse to accept transgender ideology. Even the mere statement of biological fact e.g. Man means male and woman means female, is immediately castigated as "transphobia" and there are dangerous extremists determined to get this made a criminal offence.

Transgender activists use the prefix cis to denote all those who do not deny, conceal or falsify their biological sex. Most people find this term insulting.

The related term "trans bashing", analogous to "gay bashing" is used to wrongly imply that rational people who will not affirm falsehood are guilty of physical assault on cross-dressers.

Etymology and use

The word transphobia is a classical compound patterned on the term homophobia, sharing its second component -phobia from the Greek: φόβος, phóbos, "fear". The first component is the neo-classical prefix trans- from transgender (originally meaning "across, on the far side, beyond").

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