Trinidad and Tobago national rugby union team

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Trinidad and Tobago
Union Trinidad & Tobago Rugby Football Union
Nickname(s) The Calypso Warriors
Coach(es) Trinidad and Tobago Larry Mendes
Captain(s) Jonathan O'Connor
Team kit
First international
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago 8-42 BermudaBermuda
Largest win
Saint Lucia St Lucia 8-82 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
(8 August 2005)
Largest defeat
Bermuda Bermuda 52 - 6 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
(5 October 1997)

The Trinidad and Tobago national rugby union team represents Trinidad and Tobago in the sport of rugby union. Trinidad and Tobago have thus far not qualified for the Rugby World Cup finals, but have participated in qualifying tournaments since 1999. They are classed as a tier-three nation by World Rugby.


Trinidad and Tobago played their first ever rugby international in 1979 in Georgetown against Bermuda. Trinidad and Tobago lost the contest 8 points to 42. Trinidad and Tobago attempted to qualify for the 1999 Rugby World Cup in Wales. Their first match of the Americas qualifying tournament was a one-off Round 1 match against Brazil in Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago won the game 41 points to nil and advanced to Round 2, where they faced Chile and Bermuda in a pool series. Trinidad and Tobago lost their first match 6-35 against Chile, and lost their second against Bermuda 52-6, and were knocked out of the qualifying tournaments.

The team were involved in qualifying tournaments for the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia as well, participating in the Round 1 Americas tournament. The team defeated Jamaica 51-5 in their first match, and went onto win 12-8 over the Cayman Islands in their second game. Trinidad and Tobago then won their third match 23-12 over Bermuda to advance to Round 2. There the team was narrowly defeated 10-11 by Brazil, and then nil to 9 in the second match, and Trinidad and Tobago were knocked out of the tournament.

In 2005 Trinidad and Tobago participated in qualifying tournaments for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. They were grouped in the South of the pool of Round 1a along with Barbados, Guyana and Saint Lucia. Trinidad and Tobago won their first match 82-8 over Saint Lucia, though they lost to Barbados and Guyana, finishing third in the pool which ended their qualifying campaign.

Trinidad and Tobago compete in the Caribbean Championship, a tournament which includes Antigua, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Guyana.[1]

Trinidad and Tobago win in the Caribbean Cup made them advance to the next round of the 2011 Rugby World Cup qualification, where they had to face Brazil. The "Calypso Warriors" faced the notorious improvement of their South Americans counterparts and they lost both games, 31-8 at home and 24-12 away, ending their hopes to qualify again.

In 2015, Trinidad and Tobago won the NACRA Rugby Championship, defeating Mexico 30-16 in the final.

World Cup record

  • 1987 - Not invited
  • 1991 - 1995 - Did not enter
  • 1999 - 2015 - Did not qualify

Current squad

Squad to 2012 NACRA Championship 23 June, 2012 [2]


  • John Hill
  • Miguel Lara
  • Jason Joseph
  • Adam Frederick
  • Jamal Clark
  • Keishon Walker
  • Wayne Kelly
  • Kurt Quashie
  • Jonathan O'Connor (c)
  • Don Rojas
  • Joseph Quashie
  • Jason Clark
  • Kelson Figaro
  • James Phillip
  • Justin McLean


  • Carlton St. Clair
  • Ernest Wright
  • Jessie Richards
  • Rowell Gordon
  • Tariq Cheekes
  • Agboola Silverthorn
  • Daryl Scott

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