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The Troops Out Movement (TOM) is an Irish republican organisation, based in the United Kingdom, that was formed in 1973 with the aim of bringing an end to British involvement in Northern Ireland, and bringing about a united Ireland.

The organisation has two demands: "British troops out of Ireland" and "Self-determination for the Irish people as a whole".[1] It believes that the responsible removal of the British political and military presence in Ireland is fundamental to a peaceful solution to the Troubles, and that only when this happens can the people of Ireland truly determine their own future.

The movement was founded in west London in late 1973. Its first main event, a large public meeting, took place at Fulham Town Hall in early November of that year.[citation needed] TOM then expanded rapidly with branches being formed, first in other areas of London and then throughout England, Scotland and Wales.[citation needed]

TOM claims to campaign for the full implementation of all aspects of the Good Friday Agreement, including the issues of justice, policing, equality, demilitarisation, employment discrimination, cultural rights and the Irish language, and also highlights sectarian attacks on nationalist communities from loyalist paramilitaries.

TOM also highlights claims of the shoot-to-kill policy in Northern Ireland and campaigns for the immediate end to the use of plastic bullets.

One notable member of TOM was Paddy Prendiville, who later went on to edit the satirical magazine The Phoenix.[2]

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