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Tunisian underground music refers to music performed by Tunisian artists that play or compose in a style different from the established Tunisian mainstream. Using the term underground to define a performing arts movement or scene in tha Arab world, including Tunisia, takes on a slightly different meaning compared to the one generally understood when used in the western countries. Given that contemporary Tunisian mainstream music includes only a few different musical styles, underground music has come to include any artist or band that sings or composes in a different genre. For instance, while there's nothing underground about reggae, Tunisian reggae bands are considered part of the Tunisian underground scene.

State of the art

Although small, the underground music scene in Tunisia is growing fast. Over the last 5 to 10 years,[when?] there has been an impressive[clarification needed] increase in the number of bands trying out all sorts of musical genres. However, the most active scenes are undoubtedly the Tunisian heavy metal bands, such as Myrath.[citation needed] Most of the heavy metal, dark and Gothic bands in Tunisia sing in English. While several bands compose their own music, most of these bands predominantly perform covers. In contrast, most Tunisian rappers perform in Tunisian (the local Arabic dialect). The Tunisian rap scene is very productive but it is still widely based on self-producing MCs such as Wled Bled Crew (Balti...), T-man (Nizar...), Arab Clan (Karoura...),Warda Crew (Wistar...),Slim Larnaaout, Kamel Zmen, La Masse, Crach 13 ( BmG...), Armada Bizerta plus a considered growing number of music producers known by their unique sound quality and creativity such as Dj Killer, Dj Momo. Electronic music also took place in the scene, many Tunisian DJs and producers are participating not only in the local scene but also in the international one, Electronic music fans in Tunisia are open for anything! since the Electro and trance "craze" gave its fans to Deep House and Tech house and some Techno, Minimal and Dubstep making a larger and open minded scene, which helped to create new concepts that unites the underground scene together, it's probably the first time when we[who?] see such variation, the Tunisian Underground music scene also contains one of the first underground music labels in the country such as Logo Tunisia Records, M-DMC Records.

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