Union University (Serbia)

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Union University was formed in Belgrade on 21 June 2005, and represents a public, independent and autonomic higher education institute which, maintaining academic study programs in various scientific and art fields, validates and asserts standard education, studying, evaluation and applying of scientific knowledge and art skills.

It is organized by Europe and World standards, and open to new ideas, this university cooperates with faculties and other universities in country and abroad in goal of information exchange and acquiring of new knowledge, on which they base their improvement of study plans, scientific-experimental and artistic work.


University "Union" consists of 8 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Constructional Management
  2. Faculty of Industrial Management
  3. Faculty of Design
  4. Computers Faculty
  5. Belgrade Banking Academy
  6. Faculty for Real Estate Management
  7. Faculty for Entrepreneurship Business
  8. Faculty of Law


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