Uri Gordon

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Uri Gordon
Born (1976-08-30) August 30, 1976 (age 42)
Nationality Israeli
Institutions Loughborough University and Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Alma mater University of Oxford
Known for Anarchist activism and theory

Uri Gordon (Hebrew: אורי גורדון‎; born August 30, 1976) is an Israeli anarchist theorist and activist.[1] He is a lecturer at Loughborough University in the UK, and formerly at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in Ketura, Israel.[2] One of several anarchist theorists to come of age during the anti-globalization movement at the turn of the 21st century,[3] he has worked with anarchist and radical movements including Indymedia, Peoples' Global Action, and Anarchists Against the Wall. Active primarily in Britain and his native Israel, Gordon has participated in protests at international summits across Europe,[4] and played a part in the 2011 Israeli social justice protests.

Gordon's book Anarchy Alive!, based on his PhD research at Oxford University, was well received by reviewers.[5] He has written several articles and book chapters about contemporary anarchism, wrote a guest editorial following the Second Lebanon War in Anarchist Studies volume 14, issue 2, and contributed an article on anarchism in Israel to the subsequent issue.[6][7] He has written reviews for The New Formulation,[8] and Perspectives on Anarchist Theory,[9] and in 2013 edited a volume of writings by activists in Anarchists Against the Wall.

Gordon's work has also appeared in mainstream Israeli newspapers. He has written articles for the English language edition of Haaretz addressing the 2007–2008 world food price crisis,[2] carbon emission trading,[10] and the 2008 civil unrest in Greece.[11] The Jerusalem Post featured Gordon's "Right of Reply: Anarchy in the Holy Land!" as an op-ed in its June 12, 2007 edition.[12]



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  • “Israel's “Tent Protests”: The chilling effect of nationalism”. Social Movement Studies 11.3 (2012)
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  • “Αναρχία: What did the Greeks actually say?”, Anarchist Studies 14.1 (2006)

Book Chapters

  • “Olive Green: Environment, militarism and the Israel Defense Forces”. In Between Ruin and Restoration: Israel’s Environmental History, eds. D. Orenstein, A. Tal and C. Miller. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press (2013)
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